Act Analytics Launches “ESG News Analytics” Tool to Monitor ESG Investing Factors and Events

Act Analytics Launches “ESG News Analytics” Tool to Monitor ESG Investing Factors and Events

Act Analytics, an innovative ESG-based investment analytics technology platform, today announced the release of an ESG News Analytics solution that monitors ESG events for publicly traded companies, providing financial advisors and investment managers with an efficient and automated way to stay on top of ESG factors for their client holdings.

For many firms, the challenges of staying on top of the ESG news stories that can impact their portfolios is daunting and expensive, involving manual workflows or subscriptions that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars annually.

“In our highly concentrated information age, securities values can change quickly based on what news articles are written across a variety of ESG factors,” said Zachary Dan, co-founder of Act Analytics. “As a result, the industry has been demanding a low-cost and efficient way to automate the searching and aggregation of real time news stories so financial advisors and investment managers can communicate with their clients about their investment holdings, as well help power quantitative trading strategies.”

The ESG News Analytics tool is built upon an interface that can be efficiently used by financial advisors to provide clients with targeted and relevant communications, visibly demonstrating to clients that their advisor is on top of their portfolios and monitoring the key events that align with their values.

Additionally, for investment managers the ESG News Analytics API can be plugged directly into algorithmic trading strategies for investment professionals seeking to add alpha based on real time data from news feeds from over 40 major news outlets and aggregators.

“To meet this demand, we looked into the various platforms for this type of automated news feed and found that there were no cost-efficient and reliable solutions available, so we decided to build it ourselves,” said Dan. “By doing so, we now have a native integration with our core Act Analytics engine, adding tremendous value to the platform.”

Clients of Act Analytics will be able to access the ESG News Analytics tool at no additional cost, and for a limited time, industry professionals are being invited to demo the service at no cost for the next 90 days. In order to sign up for a trial account, log onto

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