September 11, 2023

T3 / Inside Information Tech Survey 2023 Open Now

This is an invitation to participate in our annual Software Survey, where financial advisors rate the products/solutions they use in their office on a scale of […]
September 11, 2023 Launches Advisor Brand Builder, a New Marketing Technology for Financial Firms

Streamlined 20-minute, interactive discovery workflow and brand asset generation engine will revolutionize the financial advisor branding experience
September 7, 2023

GLASfunds, a Leading Alternative Investment Platform, Acquires Fund Formation Group

The alternative investment platform will now service Fund Formation Group clients, and founder Thomas Haynes will join GLASfunds as Director of Business Development.
September 7, 2023

FP Alpha announces the release of their P&C Snapshot, a first of its kind tool for financial advisors, that rapidly uploads home and auto insurance documents

FP Alpha, an AI-driven advanced planning platform for financial advisors, has announced the release of their new P&C Snapshot, a first of its kind tool that […]
September 7, 2023

Schwab Gets It Done

By Joel Bruckenstein, CFP After almost three years of fending off naysayers, Schwab has completed the transition of over 3.6 million RIA managed accounts on the […]
September 6, 2023

RiXtrema Announces AdvisorAI and 401kAI for Financial Advisors, Plan Advisors

RiXtrema announced two groundbreaking AI-driven productivity tools: AdvisorAI™ and 401kAI™. AdvisorAI and 401kAI incorporate powerful data capabilities that allow subscribers to rapidly gather pertinent information, get […]
August 22, 2023

Kwanti Announces Tax Portfolio Analysis and Advanced Model Tracking

Kwanti announced two new enhancements to their platform, including Tax Drag Analysis, which allows advisors to identify hidden portfolio expenses and tax liability. “Investing involves many […]
August 16, 2023

Advyzon Investment Management (AIM) Adds Fidelity, Alpha Vee Solutions, KKM Financial, and Zacks

Advyzon Investment Management (AIM) added multiple new asset managers to their platform, including Fidelity Investments, Alpha Vee Solutions, KKM Financial, and Zacks Investment Management. “My team […]
August 11, 2023

Schwab Continues to Improve Their Advisor Facing Technology

By Joel Bruckenstein, CFP With so much of the market’s attention focuses on the outcome of the upcoming transfer of TD Ameritrade accounts to the Schwab […]
August 9, 2023

Some Lessons from the 2023 Schwab RIA Benchmarking Study

In my experience, if you ask a room full of advisors to raise their hands if they think their firm is above average, roughly 80-90% of […]