Advice Systems, Inc. Unveils AI Driven Automated Personal Financial Advice Software at the 2020 T3 Advisor Conference

Advice Systems, Inc. Unveils AI Driven Automated Personal Financial Advice Software at the 2020 T3 Advisor Conference

Advice System Inc. (ASI), an early stage personal financial technology company, unveiled its flagship product, Intelligent Decision Tools™ (IDT), a new and unique category of personal financial advice software, at the 2020 T3 Advisor Conference, held in San Diego, California.


According to CEO and ASI founder, Ronald E. Newton, CFP® “IDT is a new and unique category of software that automates personal financial advice. Our AI driven solution simulates the process of how human financial advisors work with clients, answering both routine and complex financial planning questions through a concise Q&A process that typically takes a few minutes or less.”  

Aware of the challenges experienced industry-wide including the shortage of experienced financial advisors, inconsistent advice, compliance risks, and constant changes in the regulatory environment and tax law among others, ASI created Intelligent Decision Tools™.

ASI was founded to create a powerful personal financial advice platform not to replace the advisor, but to enhance the advisor’s role to consistently provide client-centric financial advice across a broad spectrum of financial topics. ASI has released the initial set of tools with a focus on retirement and is now in the process of developing hundreds of additional tools to cover the full spectrum of personal financial topics.

IDT simplifies and automates the process of providing holistic goals-based personal financial advice by guiding advisors to identify the planning strategies that best fit their client’s situation. The guidance is compliant and specific based on the individual’s goals, personal profile, financial position, tax situation, time frame and risk tolerance, as well as identifying, weighting, and ranking the strategies and relevant factors. “We do this through an AI driven solution that incorporates advanced client profiling, and knowledge engineering within a rules-based expert system, allowing advisors to seamlessly answer their client’s personal financial questions”, stated Mr. Newton.

ASI offers four editions of IDT: Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Workplace Financial Wellness Edition and Website Edition.

Platform Highlights

How IDT works: Advisors answer a series of questions which typically takes only a few minutes or less to complete. IDT then presents potential strategies ranked in order starting with the closest match and identifying strategies that are applicable to the client. Each strategy details the pros and cons based on the client’s profile and easy-to-follow implementation steps.

SEC Reg Best Interest: IDT offers financial firms and advisors a repeatable process that enhances compliance with SEC Reg Best Interest, which takes effect June 2020, by demonstrating the basis for the advisor’s recommendation.

Integration Options: IDT can operate independently of your existing technology platform or be fully integrated. Additionally, each tool can be easily added to your website or intranet as a stand-alone, requiring no user login or storage of data and minimizing the time and resources required to implement the software.

ASI’s Intelligent Decision Tools is Different from Other Existing Software

To the best of ASI’s knowledge there is no software in existence that automates the process of providing holistic personal financial advice making the user an instant expert on virtually any personal financial topic.  IDT does not replace traditional financial planning software or portfolio management software, but instead complements those solutions.


Advice Systems, Inc. is a personal financial technology company and the creator of Intelligent Decision Tools™, an AI driven software solution that seamlessly provides expert advice on personal financial topics, facilitating an ongoing long-term planning relationship and enriching the advisor/client experience. Learn more at

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