Advicent Selects MX to Enhance Account Aggregation Capabilities in NaviPlan® Client Portal

Advicent Selects MX to Enhance Account Aggregation Capabilities in NaviPlan® Client Portal

Advicent today announced a strategic relationship with MX, a  financial data platform enabling organizations to develop, launch, and power new money experiences, to further improve account aggregation and data connectivity for advisors and their clients using the NaviPlan® financial planning platform.

Advicent’s integration with MX will provide NaviPlan client portal users with the ability to aggregate their own accounts, along with notable enhancements. MX allows financial advisors and their clients to seamlessly import account data from thousands of financial institutions across North America—and easily incorporate that data into plans saved in NaviPlan. Account data imported through MX can also be updated in real time in clients’ financial plans, which can be accessed at any time and from any location via the NaviPlan client portal.

“We consistently search for ways to boost advisors’ engagement and collaboration with their clients. Our strategic relationship with MX will create a more meaningful digital planning experience by enabling the smooth aggregation of account data from thousands of institutions,” said Angela Pecoraro, Chief Executive Officer of Advicent. “Data is the blueprint for financial plans, and our integration with MX will enhance the planning process with more holistic insights about clients’ wealth and expenses—which can be harnessed to obtain better outcomes.”

MX has achieved a categorization accuracy rate of more than 95 percent, giving NaviPlan client portal users peace of mind that the imported and updated financial data in their plans is accurate and clean. The NaviPlan platform’s transition to MX’s data and account aggregation software occurred as part of Advicent’s most recent technology update on August 28. For more information about MX’s data enhancement solutions, please visit  

“Our goal is to influence and power the money experience for leading customer-centric, financial-advocacy-driven companies, so that together we can build a stronger financial future of the consumer,” said Nate Gardner, Chief Customer Officer of MX. “Advicent, then, is a natural partner for us. We are thrilled to work closely with Advicent and leverage clean, enhanced data to meaningfully augment the value and clarity that the NaviPlan client portal can provide to both advisors and their clients.”

In April 2020, Advicent announced a special offer making the NaviPlan client portal available at no cost to all financial advisors, including current users, through December 2021. In addition, all NaviPlan users in the U.S. can receive free and unlimited access to all advisor marketing materials in the Advisor Briefcase® solution, consisting of more than 500 pieces of content ranging from infographics to articles.

To sign up to use the NaviPlan client portal and Advisor Briefcase marketing resources, please visit

“It is more important than ever to make financial planning accessible and secure for everyone,” said Ms. Pecoraro. “We are proud to provide innovative financial planning tools to help all advisors work with their clients to navigate this period of extraordinary volatility and uncertainty—and we will continue to enhance the value advisors can demonstrate through our client portal.”

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