AdvisorClarity Powers Up Business Intelligence Platform, Infuses FinMason’s Robust Investment Analytics

AdvisorClarity, a leading provider of comprehensive business intelligence software for independent financial advisory firms, announced that the firm has selected FinMason to power its investment analytics. FinMason, a rapidly growing fintech firm operating one of the largest investment analytics platforms in the world, will provide AdvisorClarity with immediate access to robust analytics, accelerating and enhancing the development of its business intelligence software.

“FinMason’s API solution allows us to quickly incorporate any analytics our clients desire,” said Nick Mancini, CEO of AdvisorClarity. “The clean, modern structure of their API and the depth of their analytics makes this integration quick, easy and powerful. FinMason has helped us extend the depth and breadth of our platform and the entire FinMason team has been a real pleasure to work with.”

Fintech solutions are ubiquitous within the advisory space. Balancing information from multiple tools, software and platforms can be burdensome. To address this problem, AdvisorClarity offers business intelligence software that sits between disparate systems and delivers key metrics to decision-makers at advisory firms. By aggregating actionable insights from various separate platforms into one location, AdvisorClarity empowers firms to make more informed decisions and to improve operational efficiency.

“I think most advisors these days know they need to be more efficient with their day,” said Kendrick Wakeman, founder and CEO of FinMason. “It’s great to be partnered with such an innovative platform that is addressing a very real problem in the advisor community.”

FinMason announced the news from the T3 Technology Tools for Today Enterprise Conference in Las Vegas. The firm is also demoing their recently-released Five-Minute Financial PlanTM and their notable FinRiver for Salesforce solution, which was recognized by at the 2018 Industry Awards for Best Compliance Technology.


AdvisorClarity provides deep insights across all of a financial advisory firm’s systems to serve as a consolidated, single source of truth. By connecting directly with each system used by an advisory firm, AdvisorClarity delivers the mission critical information necessary for leaders to run their businesses professionally and the insights needed to lead with confidence. Additionally, the system proactively notifies key stakeholders so that compliance and firm leaders can stay in front of potential issues. By visualizing details across different systems from different vendors, AdvisorClarity brings big data to independent financial advisors. To learn more, visit


FinMason is one of the world’s largest investment analytics engines for financial services platforms. The Boston-based financial technology firm provides access to more than 700 calculations on every publicly traded asset in the world, delivered through one simple API. Developed by FinMason’s team of seasoned data practitioners and 10 Ph.D.s, the cutting-edge platform delivers institutional-grade analytics in milliseconds via three core products: FinRiver™ – a lightning-fast API that delivers any analytics anywhere in a financial services firm’s platform with just a few keystrokes, FinScope™ – a bulk processing platform that can analyze millions of portfolios every night for compliance screening and reporting, and FinRiver for Salesforce, a Salesforce plugin that maps any of FinMason’s analytics to any number of fields in Salesforce, radically transforming your CRM. For more information, visit

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