AdvisorEngine® Unveils Upgraded Portfolio Management Suite

AdvisorEngine® Unveils Upgraded Portfolio Management Suite

The enhanced suite contains three core components that are all natively connected: performance reporting, rebalancing and fee billing

AdvisorEngine® announced today the release of its upgraded portfolio management suite as part of the company’s wealth management platform.

“AdvisorEngine is proud to offer a new portfolio management option to the industry,” says CEO Rich Cancro. “The power of connectedness is clear across our platform. Advisors can now engage more deeply with clients and build new paths to growth.”

Over 18 months, the company worked to deliver this enhanced functionality. The result provides an elevated portfolio management experience for financial advisors, business operations roles and advisors’ clients.

“Clients expect their financial advisor to innately understand them and their financial goals with complete transparency,” notes George Tamer, head of sales. “Our platform gives investment professionals precise portfolio control – and gives their clients a clear window into the benefits of the advisory relationship.”

Performance Reporting

Financial advisors can harness powerful analytics for portfolio insights – and then present curated client-friendly information to deepen relationships through an engaging client portal.

Rebalancing Tools

Investment professionals can optimize portfolio performance through streamlined processing, click-to-execute simplicity and tax-efficient automation.

Fee Billing

Firms can achieve major productivity gains using flexible, automated billing. Fee structure options include asset-based or subscription-based pricing. Billing can be done in arrears or in advance using exclusions, discounts and fee splits.

A key focus area was deepening portfolio reporting capabilities to support high-net-worth client needs. Advisors can now drill into performance across all levels of a household and portfolio, providing a richer understanding of the asset classes, sectors and specific securities driving performance results.

Performance reporting capabilities now include:

  • Asset allocation by investment class and style
  • Holdings by security, cost basis and tax lot
  • Dividends, interest, income and fees
  • Contributions, withdrawals, purchases and sales
  • Benchmark comparisons

Today’s release is the latest evolution of the AdvisorEngine wealth management platform. It follows a major milestone earlier this year, when the company announced a product transformation from Junxure CRM into a modernized AdvisorEngine CRM.

“The CRM transformation set a new course forward, and today’s announcement builds on that momentum,” says AdvisorEngine Chief Operating Officer Craig Ramsey. “I am proud of our team’s tenacity in delivering this new product development. Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on data and experience as key differentiators across our offering.”

AdvisorEngine technology is designed for the three experiences that make up wealth management – Advisor Experience (AX), Business Operations Experience (BX) and Client Experience (CX). The company’s focus on experience has become increasingly relevant to firms selecting new technology.

Due to evolving client preferences – and rising operational complexity – forward-thinking business leaders are prioritizing client experience as the top factor in their technology decisions. A recent study by AdvisorEngine, Franklin Templeton and Institutional Investor of over 150 independent RIAs found the top reason for investing in technology (63%) was to improve client experience and communication. Improving investment decision-making and improving reporting of investment performance were also cited as high priorities by surveyed firms.

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