AdvisorEngine’s New Enterprise Fee Billing Product Simplifies Operations and Increases Revenue Visibility

AdvisorEngine’s New Enterprise Fee Billing Product Simplifies Operations and Increases Revenue Visibility

AdvisorEngine, a company that provides wealth management technology within the financial services industry, is helping advisory firms tackle the complexity of fee billing and revenue management. The company has just announced its new billing engine, a solution that brings simplicity to a common operational pain points and adds new visibility for business management.

“Fee billing is cumbersome at growing financial advisory firms – now there is a better way,” said Rich Cancro, founder and CEO of AdvisorEngine. “Our billing engine streamlines fee calculation for operations staff, gives advisors a clear way to explain fees to clients, offers revenue intelligence capabilities for business management and speeds up the revenue collection process.”


Many advisory firms rely on spreadsheets or a combination of disparate systems to manage their billing processes, creating a costly administrative nightmare. The AdvisorEngine billing engine offers a centralized source of control over the set-up, maintenance and collection of fees, with the power to support the most non-routine, complex billing arrangements. The solution is also highly configurable to allow for householding, flat and tiered billing schedules, billing in advance and arrears, discounting, advisor fee sharing and off-cycle billing to fit any firm’s unique needs.

To complement the new AdvisorEngine billing engine, additional business intelligence features have also been designed to deliver improved forecasting, planning and decision-making across the firm. AdvisorEngine now offers enhanced reporting tools to take the guesswork out of revenue, providing deeper insights into a firm’s revenue trends, cash shortages, exceptions, advisor and firm-level payouts, unbilled assets and complete calculation details.


AdvisorEngine expects that growing firms will benefit most from this new product. “Firms that need scalable solutions will appreciate how easy it is to configure their fee structures and how our smart automation and business intelligence make billing so simple,” Cancro continued. “Our approachable interface gives a clean way for each firm to run their business and do things their way.”


AdvisorEngine works with forward-thinking financial firms and advisors to create personal, scientific and beautiful experiences. Their wealth management technology platform operates at the forefront of the industry, applying smart automation to mission-critical advisor activities. They serve 14,000 users across 1,500 firms with over $600 billion in assets. The AdvisorEngine team is made up of enterprise technologists, data scientists, product managers, designers, futurists and business builders. For more information, please visit

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