AdvisorTouch Announces the Integration of their Workflow System into Wealthbox CRM

AdvisorTouch Announces the Integration of their Workflow System into Wealthbox CRM

AdvisorTouch, formerly known as Fox Financial Planning Network, officially announced today the completion of the integration of AdvisorTouch’s custom workflow templates and system into Wealthbox CRM. The integration will enable wealth management firms to work more efficiently and profitably, devote more time to client relationships and grow their businesses.

“The workflow system we developed for Wealthbox users is the first set of detailed procedures for optimizing the delivery of client services and completing and tracking back office work. The system was designed to work specifically within Wealthbox CRM. We are happy to add Wealthbox as an integration partner,” said Deborah Fox, CEO and Founder of AdvisorTouch.
“We built Wealthbox CRM to help streamline the daily work of advisory firms,” said Steve Carroll, Wealthbox’s head of product. “Partnering with AdvisorTouch to integrate their end-to-end, intuitive workflows into our workflow engine is a big step for helping these firms get their processes documented and automated so advisors and their staff can deliver their services seamlessly.”

The AdvisorTouch workflow system was designed so the workflows could be integrated into the Wealthbox workflow engine to create standardized, sequential processes for serving clients and running an efficient back office. They allow the ability to systematize, yet still customize the delivery of exceptional wealth management services for their clients.

Unlike other options such as using written workflows and checklists or PDFs that are outside of the CRM, the AdvisorTouch workflow steps are written directly in the native workflow engine. This enables the majority of a firm’s daily processes to be streamlined for efficiency and for tasks to be automatically passed on from one team member to another.

“We have invested many years into developing the tools, templates and technology to automate client service workflows based on the approach we use daily in my own wealth management firm,” said Fox. “Combined with the work and coaching we have done for many firms over the years, we believe we have the most comprehensive, well-designed and usable workflow system available in the industry today. It makes a difference when tools are developed and perfected by people who use them on a daily basis as we do in our own wealth management firm.”


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AdvisorTouch has been transforming the way advisors operate by providing the tools, templates, workflows and consulting to systematize the delivery of financial advice. AdvisorTouch provides a comprehensive set of resources enabling wealth management firms to increase profitability, ensure compliance, scale their practice, while growing their firms. Learn more at

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