AdvisoryWorld Technology Helps Broker-Dealers Comply with SEC New Best Interest Proposal

In light of the SEC’s release of its Regulation Best Interest proposal last week, AdvisoryWorld, a leading software provider for financial advisors, today announced a relaunch of its custom, Professional Services work with broker-dealers. AdvisoryWorld has built custom technology for broker-dealers for over 30 years. The technology performs and enhances a broker’s know-your-client, risk profiling, asset allocation, portfolio and investment analysis, proposal generation, hypothetical illustrations, and workflow and document management duties. To satisfy the SEC’s new Regulation Best Interest proposal, AdvisoryWorld offers state-of-the-art and white-labeled lead and proposal generation technology.

AdvisoryWorld’s Professional Services offering builds custom financial software systems for broker-dealers, RIAs, wealth managers, TAMPs, banks, and insurance companies. AdvisoryWorld project managers work side-by-side with broker-dealers’ project management teams to determine needs and design a package of products and services that are suitable. Further, AdvisoryWorld is deeply involved in the process of educating and training the users in the practical use of the custom products and services. Over the past five years, AdvisoryWorld has successfully delivered several major installations of its proposal generation technology, reflecting the industry’s drive to meet and exceed suitability plus standards. Today, more than 20,000 financial professionals use AdvisoryWorld’s proposal technology, generating over 250,000 proposals within in the last 12 months alone. Key proposal technology functions available for customization include:

  • Lead Generation: Lead Generation is offered via a new, prospective investor that is accessed via a broker or advisor’s website and guides the prospect through a fully customizable goal analysis and risk profile questionnaire that then points to a recommended model asset allocation, providing the prospect and advisor with a solid foundation for their new relationship.
  • Risk Profiling: The Risk Profile Questionnaire is fully customizable and helps advisors to establish a type of portfolio the client or prospect should aim for through a psychological and risk tolerance assessment.
  • Recommended Allocation: The application accepts pre-defined model allocations as well as suggests optimal asset allocations which lay on the efficient frontier for the advisor’s clients and prospects based upon their calculated risk tolerance.
  • Recommended and Current Portfolio Side-by-Side Analysis: The application compares diversification metrics, such as industry exposure and style analysis, and contrasts trailing returns & MPT Statistics for the recommended allocation vs. the individual’s current portfolio in graphical and tabular form.
  • Customized Proposal: The application ultimately generates a customized proposal and/or investment policy statement in the user’s color scheme and branding parameters.
  • Straight-through-Processing: Through integrations with other industry leading technology, the application allows for the seamless creation of new accounts at the participating custodians.

“We are very proud of our history in providing custom software systems to financial institutions,” said Michael Wilson, President of AdvisoryWorld. “Regulators and financial institutions have a common cause to ensure that individual investors are provided with proper investment guidance. The firms that we work closely with all recognize AdvisoryWorld’s robust fintech platform as a building block on which they can successfully build scalable and repeatable workflows aimed to ensure that investors get the level of service that they deserve and that regulators demand.”

Founded in 1987, AdvisoryWorld continues to innovate, announcing new applications and features quarterly while creating custom technology for RIAs, wealth managers, B/Ds, TAMPs, banks, and insurance companies.

AdvisoryWorld is a leading provider of investment analytics, portfolio modeling and proposal generation technology for the financial services industry. Their technology is delivered via off-the-shelf web applications, API, and Professional Services. Founded in 1987, AdvisoryWorld is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and currently services over 35,000 investment professionals nationwide. For more information, please visit

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