Advyzon Investment Management (AIM) Adds New Asset Managers, Including BlackRock and DFA

Advyzon Investment Management (AIM) Adds New Asset Managers, Including BlackRock and DFA

Advyzon Investment Management (AIM), a turnkey asset management program (TAMP) under the umbrella of comprehensive technology platform Advyzon, recently added multiple new asset managers and strategists to their platform, including BlackRock, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Potomac Fund Management, and Invesco Advisers, Inc.

“Our continued focus is on providing advisors easy access to the tools and services they need,” said Meghan Holmes, Chief Operating Officer at AIM. “These recent additions are based on advisor-driven requests. By providing access to some of the most well-known asset managers, while also supporting smaller boutique providers, advisors have choice and flexibility in customizing a client’s overall portfolio in order to meet their needs.”

In addition to BlackRock, Dimensional, Potomac, and Invesco, AIM has also added Washington Crossing Advisors, Brentview Investment Management, Morgan Dempsey Capital Management, and Clark Capital Management to the platform since the beginning of 2024. With these new strategists, AIM currently has over 280 strategies available to financial advisors in their Nucleus Model Marketplace, from 46 asset managers – including Advyzon Investment Management.


Advyzon Investment Management, which launched in March of 2022, was created to allow financial advisors to be more efficient via a better integrated user experience by providing TAMP services conveniently within Advyzon’s single source code platform. AIM’s managed portfolio solutions and high touch service model allow advisors to achieve operational efficiencies along with comprehensive investment selection and modeling, while empowering them to work on their business, not in it.

Advyzon’s cloud-based platform combines portfolio management, customizable performance reporting, trading and rebalancing, client web portals, client relationship management (CRM),client billing, and document storage – plus a model marketplace with access to third party strategists via turnkey asset management with AIM – making it easy for advisors to run their financial planning and investment advisory firms while managing their client accounts with efficiency and ease. Advyzon currently serves over 1,500 advisory firms.

AIM offers risk-based models including active/passive mutual funds and ETFs, a tax-sensitive ETF only solution, an ESG active/passive model, an alternative model, and direct indexing, as well as tools and methodologies around tax optimization and tax loss harvesting. The firm has continued to build out additional investment products around all of these core offerings, as well as offer new strategies, as they’ve evolved over the course of their first year in business.

In addition to their investment offering, AIM provides a personalized service model to advisors based on their philosophy of insourcing versus outsourcing. AIM’s service team members are personally assigned to individual advisors and take the time to truly understand their businesses, helping with the heavy lifting on the whole lifecycle of an account including account opening, billing, reporting, trading, data reconciliation, and acting as a custodial liaison.

Within the past year, AIM has announced multiple partnerships with industry leaders. In May 2023, tru Independence announced that Advyzon was chosen to provide the foundational chassis for truView, a new Experience-As-a-Service (EAS) platform that combines behavioral finance, fintech, and human capital to drive business growth.

In February 2024, AIM announced a partnership with Nebo Wealth – an award-winning asset allocation and portfolio design platform from global asset manager Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co., LLC (GMO) – where AIM powers and serves as a turnkey platform for Nebo Wealth, creating an end-to-end solution that enables RIAs to streamline and automate the process of delivering personalized portfolios for each and every client at scale.


In Spring 2023, AIM announced the launch of the Nucleus Model Marketplace, which is fully integrated into the comprehensive, award-winning Advyzon platform built on single source code. Adding a model marketplace enhances AIM’s TAMP offering and moves Advyzon closer than ever to offering a fully comprehensive solution for financial advisors and investment managers to run their firms.

The Nucleus model marketplace is structured for unified managed accounts (UMAs) and includes sleeve-level reporting and trading. Users have access to nearly 300 risk-based models and SMAs from some of the top third-party management firms in the industry – traded by AIM – incorporating both advisor created models and strategist sleeves.

Single and multi-sleeve setup and trading include a variety of features, including cash management, dollar-cost averaging (DCA) and required minimum distribution (RMD) schedules, a ‘Do Not Buy/Sell’ securities list, equivalencies, carve outs, location optimization, maximum annual cap gain limit, onboarding tax management and ongoing tax loss harvesting, and wash sale alerts. AIM plans to add to Nucleus’ features and capabilities in the coming months.

To learn more about Advyzon Investment Management and the Nucleus Model Marketplace, please click here.

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