Advyzon Launches Turnkey Asset Management Program, Advyzon Investment Management (AIM)

Advyzon Launches Turnkey Asset Management Program, Advyzon Investment Management (AIM)

Advyzon, a comprehensive technology platform and portfolio management solution for financial advisors and investment managers, has announced the launch of a new turnkey asset management program (TAMP): Advyzon Investment Management (AIM). 

This is the natural evolution of Advyzon’s offering based on sentiment gathered via a survey of Advyzon’s advisor client base. AIM’s offering will allow advisors to be more efficient via a better integrated user experience by providing their new TAMP services conveniently within Advyzon’s single source code platform. 

TAMP services allow advisors to outsource, without losing oversight and control, a variety of functions that are core to their business, such as investment selection, portfolio/model allocations, reporting, rebalancing, and back/mid office services, which can free up a significant amount of time and resources. Financial advisors can use this freed up capacity to help scale their business, focusing on new client acquisition initiatives, spending more quality time on current client relationships, and focusing on financial planning aspects.

“One of the most strategically significant advantages we have in the marketplace is that AIM is built on the award-winning Advyzon platform, giving it a solid foundation for advisors to, in-turn, take advantage of our investment and service offering,” said Lee Andreatta, Chief Executive Officer of Advyzon Investment Management, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. 

Initially, AIM will offer risk-based models including active/passive mutual funds and ETFs, a tax-sensitive ETF only solution, an ESG active/passive model, an alternative model, and direct indexing, as well as tools and methodologies around tax optimization and tax loss harvesting. AIM plans to continue to build out additional investment products around all of these core offerings, as well as offer new strategies, in the months to come.

“Each of our investment portfolios are long-term oriented, highly diversified, and low cost – tilting toward factors that typically deliver superior risk and return over time,” said Brian Huckstep, Chief Investment Officer of AIM, who spent fifteen years as a Senior Portfolio Manager, managing over $14B as head of U.S. Asset Allocation at Morningstar. “By offering target equity portfolios across a broad risk spectrum and portfolio sets designed for both qualified and taxable accounts, we believe that our portfolios can help investors achieve the majority of their long-term and shortterm financial goals.”

In addition to their investment offering, AIM will provide a personalized service model to advisors based on their philosophy of insourcing versus outsourcing. AIM’s service team members will be personally assigned to individual advisors and will take the time to truly understand their businesses, doing the heavy lifting on the whole lifecycle of an account including account opening, billing, reporting, trading, data reconciliation, and acting as a custodial liaison.

“Our service model is focused on providing a technology forward, highly personalized offering,” said Meghan Holmes, Chief Operating Officer of AIM, who spent the past 14 years at Schwab in their Advisor Services vertical in a variety of advisor-facing roles, including service, transition, and relationship management. “In leveraging the Advyzon platform, we’re able to digitize and automate many aspects of the advisor experience, while learning about the advisor’s practice and how best to support their growth.”


Advyzon’s cloud-based platform combines portfolio management, customizable performance reporting, trading and rebalancing, client web portals, client relationship management (CRM), client billing, document storage, and now, turnkey asset management with AIM, making it easy for advisors to run their financial planning and investment advisory firms while managing their client accounts with efficiency and ease. Over the years, the Advyzon team began to see that advisors wanted additional, comprehensive options for asset management solutions without having to look outside of Advyzon’s award-winning comprehensive platform. Therefore, creating a TAMP was a natural evolution for Advyzon.

“AIM will, in a sense, be eating the Advyzon cooking,” said John Mackowiak, Chief Business Development Officer at Advyzon. “They are using the Advyzon platform for reporting, Advyzon’s Quantum rebalancer for rebalancing, and Advyzon’s technology as a whole, which provides a solid foundation to ensure that this is a success. In addition, this will have a secondary benefit in that if AIM runs into a limitation and needs to add a feature, it’s going to improve our already highly rated platform and benefit our user base overall.”

As we’ve worked with financial advisors over the years, we began to see that the user experience was a bit disjointed,” said Hailin Li, Founder and CEO of Advyzon. “They began to ask us for a more seamless experience that would include all of the elements needed to create and manage portfolios for their clients with the expert research and support of a professional investment officer and administrative team. We have always focused on the user experience with our technology –that’s one of the reasons we’ve grown in market share so quickly over the years. The AIM TAMP is a direct result of listening to the advisors who use the Advyzon platform.”

Advyzon Investment Management is now available to all current Advyzon users as well as advisors everywhere. Interested parties can learn more at

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