Advyzon TAMP’s New Partnership With FINIAT Provides Turnkey Trading and Portfolio Management

Advyzon TAMP’s New Partnership With FINIAT Provides Turnkey Trading and Portfolio Management

Advyzon Investment Management (AIM), a turnkey asset management program (TAMP) under the umbrella of comprehensive technology platform Advyzon, recently announced a partnership with FINIAT, a leading provider of wealth management software that enables financial advisors to provide turnkey trading for their client’s portfolios.

The partnership takes FINIAT’s powerful solutions to the next level by integrating them with Advyzon’s trading and portfolio management capabilities. This seamless integration enables financial advisors to:

  • Automate and personalize portfolio management for each client, leveraging FINIAT’s Intelligent Allocation® Portfolio Management Platform and iindex® Intelligent Indexing solutions
  • Access a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio management solution that streamlines investment strategies and enhances client outcomes
  • Scale their business with confidence, backed by Advyzon’s robust and scalable architecture

“We’re very excited to have the opportunity to partner with FINIAT and help enhance their turnkey platform,” said Lee Andreatta, CEO of AIM. “Our technology was designed to make advisors’ lives easier, and we’re happy to bring the capabilities of Advyzon to FINIAT and Advyzon advisors alike.”

“The trend of passive investing strategies has left many advisors searching for ways to demonstrate their value to their clients,” said Rob Bandy, CEO of FINIAT. “Advisors increasingly are struggling to differentiate from low cost index providers. They are searching for more customized strategies that can treat market volatility as an opportunity.”

With Advyzon’s innovative technology, FINIAT’s solutions will be automated, allowing advisors to effortlessly maintain optimal portfolios – with dynamic adjustments to reflect changing market conditions and client goals. Advisors can prioritize high-value activities such as client relationships and business development while the platform handles the intricacies of portfolio management.


FINIAT is a technology company dedicated to empowering advisors with a proprietary quantitative engine that continuously optimizes portfolio strategies, providing explainable adjustments using an active approach. In a world of indexing and lower fees, FINIAT offers a robust suite of technologies, including the Intelligent Allocation® Portfolio Management Platform, which provides active adjustments in an explainable way to advisors, and iindex® Intelligent Indexing Solutions, providing an intuitive way to quickly create stock SMAs that keep only the stocks needed in order to align closely to initial risks.

FINIAT differentiates advisors and their portfolio management through proprietary technologies that position and adjust client portfolios according to the profile determined by the advisor. As the market changes, the portfolio changes – providing value to the client with explainable adjustments.


Advyzon Investment Management, which launched in Spring 2022, was created to allow financial advisors to be more efficient via a better integrated user experience by providing TAMP services conveniently within Advyzon’s platform. AIM’s managed portfolio solutions and high touch service model allow advisors to achieve operational efficiencies along with comprehensive investment selection and modeling, while empowering them to work on their business, not in it.

In Spring 2023, AIM announced the launch of the Nucleus Model Marketplace, which is fully integrated into the comprehensive, award-winning Advyzon platform built on single source code. Adding a model marketplace enhances AIM’s TAMP offering and moves Advyzon closer than ever to offering a fully comprehensive solution for financial advisors and investment managers to run their firms.

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