Andrew Altfest Launches New AI-Driven Advisor Technology, FP Alpha

Andrew Altfest Launches New AI-Driven Advisor Technology, FP Alpha

FP Alpha, an AI-powered technology solution for financial advisors, was launched today by Andrew Altfest, President of Altfest Personal Wealth Management. FP Alpha is the first comprehensive wealth management platform to utilize artificial intelligence (AI). The software enables advisors to transform financial planning into comprehensive wealth management by streamlining financial planning processes and offering more services to clients. Designed to easily integrate with financial planning software on the market today, the firm’s technology allows advisors to scale efficiently and decrease the burden of time-consuming spreadsheets, checklists and labor-intensive tasks – enabling them to save time in the process and add more value to client relationships.

By reducing laborious, manual tasks within wealth management services and financial planning processes, FP Alpha helps advisors deploy high impact and personalized recommendations to clients in a scalable, intelligent and cost-efficient manner. The tangible benefits of FP Alpha, and compelling output displays, enable advisors to demonstrate their value beyond investments and differentiate themselves from robo-advisors and discount alternatives, while justifying their fees and showcasing value.

“I have been in the financial advisory business for over 15 years and have yet to have access to a technology that gives me the tools I need to provide the high impact comprehensive wealth advice my clients were requesting,” said Altfest. “The emergence of artificial intelligence allowed us to build a tool that meets clients’ needs for more in-depth financial planning services while analyzing their financial wellness on a deeper level than humanly possible. Previously when working comprehensively, there has been no way to scale, while the robo-model has essentially commoditized basic planning. Our industry needed a user-friendly wealth management tool that allows us to cover more ground quickly and gives us an edge as premium service providers, which is what FP Alpha provides.” Powered by insights from the industry’s top minds and built by financial planning and wealth management experts, advisors can create a comprehensive plan through FP Alpha and build a solution for clients across planning disciplines. In addition, financial advisors can engage with educational videos that simplify complex categories, such as:

  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Long-term care
  • Medical insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Divorce planning
  • Mortgage suggestions
  • Property tax
  • Student debt
  • Creditor protection
  • Cross border
  • Variable annuity
  • Expense reduction
  • Identity theft protection
  • Eldercare
  • Special needs planning

FP Alpha increases advisors’ productivity and enables them to offer live, ongoing financial planning by delivering timely and actionable recommendations tailored to each client as life changes, laws change and each of their situations grow ever more sophisticated. The technology enables advisors to not only cultivate a robust and thorough practice, but also provide their clientele with premium advice they would not ordinarily be able to deploy to their entire client base.

“FP Alpha provides advisors with a competitive advantage as fee-compression continues to affect the advisory space. The technology provides impactful recommendations with limited insight into a prospect’s financial and personal circumstances – jump-starting relationships and allowing planning to be a living, breathing experience for all parties,” said Joel Bruckenstein, Founder and CEO of Technology Tools for Today (T3). “I believe this technology is essential to the evolution of the industry as we enter into a new generation of wealth.”

FP Alpha was launched at the T3 Advisor Conference on Tuesday, February 18, in San Diego during Altfest’s 11:45 AM PT general session. For more information, please swing by booth 101/103 or visit the FP Alpha website.

About FP Alpha

Launched in 2020, FP Alpha is an AI-driven comprehensive wealth management solution that helps advisors deploy actionable and personalized recommendations to clients, in a scalable, intelligent, and cost-efficient manner. Founded by financial planner Andrew Altfest, CFP®, FP Alpha was designed to fill the gap between what advisors need to differentiate themselves, sustain their business, and easily integrate with existing financial planning software. This innovative technology reduces the burden of time-consuming manual tasks and frees advisors to focus on human interaction, cover more ground quickly, and demonstrate their value beyond investment management. For more information, please visit:

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