ARQA AI Platform Announced at #T32024 will Help Redefine Wealth Management Software Solutions

ARQA AI Platform Announced at #T32024 will Help Redefine Wealth Management Software Solutions

ARQA officially announced at the 2024 T3 Technology Conference in Las Vegas the launch of its ARQA AI Platform including two AI-enabled software solutions ARQA AI Chat and KorScript. Conference attendees and journalists are invited to stop by their kiosk at T3 to see the platform in person. 

At the forefront of the financial AI revolution, ARQA’s AI-enabled platform is dedicated to offering software solutions that empower financial professionals to improve decision-making, modernize reporting and data analytics, and immediately elevate the efficiency of their processes. 

ARQA’s AI Chat product is a data-agnostic platform that adapts to any data source, acting as a versatile sidekick to allow anyone to unlock unparalleled insights. The platform allows users to effortlessly scan diverse client portfolios and uncover key information. Through the convergence of intuitive engagement and intelligent analysis, ARQA AI Chat facilitates superior decision-making and empowers wealth management firms to enhance their advisory capabilities. 

“The current technology stack for many wealth management firms is comprised of more than one platform; therefore, financial professionals know the data they want but can’t as easily access it,” stated Haik Sahakyan, Co-founder and CEO of ARQA. “With ARQA AI Chat, we built a platform that makes retrieving insights from data from various sources as simple as asking a question.”

ARQA’s KorScript product allows users to transform any document into actionable data through generative artificial intelligence capture. Deployed natively for the ARQA platform, it enables users to extract precise information, such as financial information from a set of statements, in real-time. This allows firms to save valuable time and resources without the need for implementation.

“Gone are the days of back-office teams spending countless hours on data entry,” stated Pete DiLorenzo, Co-founder of ARQA.“ With KorScript, our customers now have the power to transform their data in real-time without sacrificing their most expensive resource – human capital.”


ARQA is an AI-enabled platform that is on a mission to empower high-net-worth individuals, family offices, investment advisors, and institutions by delivering swift and insightful access to extensive information within their portfolios. ARQA’s goal is to drive success through advanced and intelligent capabilities, ensuring our customers thrive in the ever-evolving financial landscape. For additional information and to experience the full power of ARQA’s AI platform firsthand, go to

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