At T3 in Tampa: Hubly Unveils Partner Workflows

At T3 in Tampa: Hubly Unveils Partner Workflows

Hubly Inc., a process management system built specifically for the financial advisory market, today announced the launch of Partner Workflows. Designed to help TAMPs, custodians, broker-dealers, networks, fintech partners and others share best practices with the growing community of Hubly users, Hubly Partner Workflows represents the next evolution of the company’s innovative process management software.

Launching officially at the 2023 T3 Technology Conference, Hubly’s Partner Workflows will feature workflows from well-known organizations such as XY Planning Network, fpPathfinder, Policygenius Pro, MaxMyInterest, Caribou and Trust & Will. Through it, Hubly users will have access to specially designed workflows curated by these and other partners, helping them streamline processes around client service, money movement, estate planning, life insurance, healthcare planning, tax operations and other common projects.


“Partnering with Hubly is an opportunity to bring the Policygenius Pro platform to more financial advisors,” said Michael Stapleton, Sr. Director of Strategy and Business Operations at Policygenius. “We’re excited to work with Hubly to develop custom workflow templates and streamlined processes for their advisors to help them ensure nothing is overlooked while they assist their clients.”

“We look forward to taking part in Hubly’s Partner Workflows,” added Michael Halloran, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at MaxMyInterest, which enables advisors to offer their clients market-leading yields on cash balances with the safety of increased FDIC insurance coverage and same-day liquidity. “Hubly’s innovative software helps advisors streamline their practices while ensuring that their clients benefit from the best solutions in the market.”

“As we’re now working with over 8,000 financial advisors to streamline estate planning through Trust & Will, we’re thrilled to partner with Hubly to give advisors a more scalable and seamless process to implement our platform through their workflows,” said Andres Mazabel, Head of Advisors at Trust & Will. “Hubly users will now have a step-by-step guide on how to have conversations around estate planning and proactive reminders to ensure clients have their legacy in place.”


Hubly’s easy-to-use workflows provide users with step-by-step guidance and automated reminders around common processes and tasks. Branded workflows will allow partners to take the experience even deeper, showcasing their expertise and helping them remain top-of-mind as clients work through their day.

Hubly is set to begin promoting partner workflows later this year. Workflows will be made available for download or sale, opening up a potential revenue stream to partners.

Hubly is currently offering a limited number of early partnership invitations for interested TAMPs, custodians, networks, broker-dealers, and fintech partners. Interested parties may inquire via or by reaching out to


Hubly is a process management system that launched in 2020. Integrating with CRMs, Hubly provides efficiency and visibility across financial advisory firms so that nothing will slip through the cracks. Hubly allows financial advisors and their teams to deliver a high-touch, stress-free customer experience at scale. To learn more about Hubly, visit

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