ATA RiskStation™ Launches Enterprise Compliance Risk Dashboard at T3 Enterprise Conference

On day #1 at the T3 Enterprise Conference on October 22, 2018, ATA RiskStation CEO Aladin Abughazaleh kicked off the conference from the main stage by announcing the launch of their much-anticipated enterprise compliance dashboard. Leadership from broker/dealers, banks, and large advisory firms can now set proximity risk tolerances for the entire firm and automatically monitor, on a daily basis, for portfolio risks that deviate from stated client tolerances.  The system allows both management and the compliance team to seamlessly coordinate with advisors to quickly identify and clear such risk exceptions. Attendees at Joel Bruckenstein’s annual enterprise technology conference for large RIAs, RIA networks, OSJs, IBDs, banks, insurance and trust companies were first to get a glimpse of the new enterprise dashboard.

“Our mission is about supporting a non-quant advisor to engage a non-quant client about portfolio risk,” said Abughazaleh. “Ultimately, we want advisors to incentivize their clients to stay on plan and consolidate additional assets for a more complete risk picture.”

The new enterprise compliance dashboard compares the embedded portfolio risks for each client with that client’s current risk tolerance and triggers automatic notifications when mismatches are identified during nightly processing.


“It is mission critical for compliance and business executives to see the entire enterprise risk picture and escalate specific client issues on a timely basis with the advisor when required,” continued Abughazaleh. “After a tremendous amount of feedback, we feel the best way we can support leadership and compliance teams is by providing them with a tool that facilitates their oversight without getting in the way of what advisors do on a day-to-day basis.”  Advisors on the other hand can grow their practices by leveraging ATA RiskStation to more effectively engage with clients about risk.

The new enterprise compliance dashboard leverages all of the portfolio data harvested and processed nightly and integrates the results with client risk tolerances refined during advisor/client conversations. This single “source of truth” for all the stakeholders avoids multiple data silos and creates a seamless view allowing organizations of all sizes to quickly escalate and resolve exceptions.

The enterprise compliance dashboard is now widely available broker-dealers, banks, and large advisory firms. Advisors or compliance teams attending the T3 Enterprise Conference in Las Vegas, can stop by booth 302/304 for a demo. To schedule a demonstration, please contact


ATA RiskStation™ was developed to meet the portfolio risk oversight needs of wealth managers, hedge funds, family offices, pension plans and endowments. The platform delivers a structured, customizable and repeatable daily process for assessing portfolio risk by leveraging a highly intuitive graphical reporting interface and delivering all this functionality at a price point that is truly market leading in terms of value. For more information on ATA RiskStation™ see

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