Graduates from FinMason Accelerator to Become Official Partner Graduates from FinMason Accelerator to Become Official Partner

FinMason, an investment analytics provider that enables WealthTech platforms to accelerate development and time-to-market, today announced that, a self-service financial planning company, has selected FinMason to turbo-charge their investment analytics. is a recent graduate of FinMason’s FinSpring accelerator program, which provides free APIs to WealthTech startups looking to promote financial wellness and improve the intersection between complex financial topics and people.

“Accessing FinMason’s investment analytics through the FinSpring program enabled us to add more functionality and academic rigor to the platform in just a few weeks. FinSpring allowed us to offer compelling features far faster than we could have on our own,” said Matthew Bellows, CEO of “This progress helped us land our first customer, so now we are excited to formally partner with FinMason as we prepare to launch BodesWell to millions of end users.”

The FinSpring accelerator program gives participants access to FinMason’s entire library of sophisticated investment analytics – more than 700 analytical outputs on virtually all publicly-traded assets worldwide. It is available to startups that meet four criteria: (1) share a mission of educating investors or advisors to make more informed investment and retirement planning decisions, (2) have been operational less than two years, (3) have less than $500,000 in revenue, and (4) have raised no more than $1 million in funding.

“Mathew has a vision for taking complicated financial advice and making it accessible and understandable to people with no financial training whatsoever,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CEO of FinMason. “ is well on the way to providing financial planning to all those who need it. We are delighted to provide the analytics and the scale necessary to achieve that worthy goal. is definitely a firm to watch and root for.”

This partnership closely follows the announcement that FinMason reached its “20 million portfolios analyzed” milestone, doubling their volume in just one year.

ABOUT FINMASON INC.FinMason is the world’s largest independent investment analytics engine for financial services platforms. The Boston-based financial technology firm provides access to more than 700 calculations on every publicly traded asset in the world delivered through one simple API. Developed by FinMason’s team of seasoned data practitioners and nine Ph.D.s, the cutting-edge platform delivers institutional-grade analytics in milliseconds via two core products: FinRiver™ – a lightning-fast API that delivers any analytics anywhere in your platform with just a few keystrokes; and, FinScope™ – a bulk processing platform that can analyze millions of portfolios every night for compliance screening and performance attribution. For more information, visit and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

ABOUT is building self-service financial planning software so people can map their finances to the life they want to lead. But unlike many fintech startups, we partner with large financial services companies to co-develop digital financial planning for their customers. If you would like to explore ways of extending the benefits of financial planning to the millions of people who don’t have the assets or the interest to engage with a human financial planner, please visit us at

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