CAIS Launches Artificial Intelligence Learning Platform, CAIS IQ, to Transform How Financial Advisors Learn About Alternative Investments

CAIS Launches Artificial Intelligence Learning Platform, CAIS IQ, to Transform How Financial Advisors Learn About Alternative Investments

CAIS, an advisor technology platform connecting financial advisors with alternative investments, announced the launch of CAIS IQ, a state-of-the-art learning system that helps financial advisors everywhere learn faster, remember longer, and master alternative investments. CAIS IQ reduces the alternative investment learning curve by combining expert content with predictive algorithms that adapt to how each individual advisor learns best.

According to a Preqin report, 84% of investors plan to increase their allocation to alternative investments in the coming years, while a remarkable 67% of financial advisors say they want to deepen their understanding of these strategies prior to implementing. To meet these needs, CAIS IQ is pioneering a personalized learning system that makes learning simple and easy.

“Right now, education is the biggest barrier preventing financial advisors from utilizing alternative investments,” said Matt Brown, CAIS Founder and CEO. “Advisors don’t need more white-papers and PowerPoints but rather an effective, easy-to-use content delivery system. CAIS IQ is a personalized learning system, powered by artificial intelligence, designed to help financial advisors everywhere learn faster and remember longer.”

With CAIS IQ, financial advisors are better able to retain knowledge about alternative investment products and strategies. CAIS IQ courses are created with curated independent expert content to help advisors master key information about asset classes, product providers, and specific funds and products.

Accessible via desktop and mobile, CAIS IQ is designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate the busy schedule of financial advisors. Both the Investment and Wealth Institute (IWI) and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board offer continuing education credit through CAIS IQ.

“Equipping our financial advisors with the best tools and resources is a top priority,” said Deron McCoy, Chief Investment Officer of Signature Estate & Investment Advisors (SEIA). “At SEIA, a higher level of complexity requires a higher level of experience. CAIS IQ is a powerful learning system, empowering our advisors to solve the unique needs of our clients because it is intuitive and, quite simply, it just works.”

CAIS IQ is powered by an adaptive learning platform called Cerego, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to scale proven cognitive science and empowers humans to learn faster and remember longer. For each individual advisor, the platform measures the rate of information absorption and knowledge decay, simultaneously calculating the precise moment to review in order to achieve maximum retention. Across multiple studies, users have seen dramatic increases in learning paired with up to 50% savings in time spent compared to traditional learning methods.

Today, Cerego is used by nearly 2,000 organizations around the world including Target, Rockwell Automation, Copa Airlines, the US Army, and Arizona State University.

Learners can expect to interact with multiple types of content, including visual, written, and audio. The system is designed to educate learners in a memorable way, with systematic check-ins and content releases with a philosophy based approach of “little and often”. This makes learning both more efficient and effective by providing a granular, real-time measurement of learning progress for each unique learner.

Andrew Smith Lewis, the co-founder of Cerego, recently joined CAIS as Chief Innovation Officer to build CAIS IQ and ensure that a commitment to cutting-edge, adaptive learning continues to drive innovation efforts at the company. Smith Lewis, a learning science and artificial intelligence expert, has dedicated his career to unlocking human potential and empowering people by optimizing the way they learn.

“We’re not just making smarter technology, we’re making people smarter through technology,” said Andrew Smith Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer of CAIS. “At CAIS, we always will be on the side of the financial advisor. That’s why we’re moving beyond outdated educational methods like whitepapers and content libraries by using artificial intelligence to make learning easy for financial advisors everywhere.”

One of the first truly open marketplaces for alternative investments, CAIS offers financial advisors access to a curated menu of top-tier hedge funds, private markets funds, and real estate funds in addition to a variety of capital markets offerings. CAIS complements its fund offerings with independent due diligence provided by Mercer. CAIS IQ is built into the CAIS Platform and free for CAIS members.


CAIS is a financial technology platform providing financial advisors with access to top-tier managers of specialized investment products. CAIS offers streamlined execution for an expanding list of alternative investment funds and products. CAIS complements its fund offerings with independent due diligence provided by Mercer. CAIS is an NFA member with securities offered through CAIS Capital LLC, member FINRA, SIPC. For more information about CAIS, visit

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