Carson Group Forms Strategic Relationship with Barron’s and Creighton University’s Heider College of Business

Carson Group Forms Strategic Relationship with Barron’s and Creighton University’s Heider College of Business

Carson Group, a family of companies committed delivering trusted financial advice, announced the launch of a partnership with financial publication Barron’s and Creighton University to help educate the next generation on the extensive opportunity that exists within the financial services profession.

Carson Group has teamed up with the Barron’s in Education program to fund an exclusive license that will provide complimentary access to Barron’s content for the entire student body, faculty and staff of Creighton’s Heider College of Business. In funding this subscription, Carson Group aims to spur educational growth, promote the industry’s best thinking and foster career development among aspiring financial services professionals.

“There is unprecedented opportunity in the financial advisory profession, which is projected to enjoy above-average growth in coming years,” said Ron Carson, CEO and founder of Carson Group. “We know that the emerging workforce increasingly values experiential learning, social impact and mentorship – all of which abound in our profession. In partnering with Barron’s and Creighton University, we hope to better educate the next generation as to the tremendous promise that a career in financial services can offer.”


Consistent with its ongoing commitment to fostering next-gen talent, Carson Group also recently introduced a rotational internship program, which allows students to learn about several areas within a financial services firm before aligning themselves with a specialty that resonates most with their interests and skillset. The six-month experience gives students the opportunity to add meaningful value to the organization and includes four 6-week rotations in the firm’s investment management, business development, wealth management and marketing divisions.

“Carson Group is an integral part of the Omaha business infrastructure, and we’ve seen a number of our alumni go on to thrive at the firm,” said Anthony R. Hendrickson, PhD, dean of Creighton’s Heider College of Business. “We view education as an essential investment in human capital that drives economic value for individuals, for businesses, and the broader community. It’s clear that Carson Group shares our principles, and we deeply appreciate the firm’s latest efforts to further the educational opportunities and financial efficacy of our students.”


While engaging the next generation of professionals through hands-on learning opportunities, Carson Group is concurrently coaching seasoned advisors on how to nurture that talent. The firm’s executive business coaches currently provide member firms with extensive guidance and consulting on various best practices, such as how to establish an “Advisor Growth Plan” and how to attract next-gen human capital.

“Millennials and Gen Z have oftentimes been misunderstood and discounted, especially in our profession,” added Aaron Schaben, executive vice president of Carson Group. “Equipped with the right knowledge, and given the right roadmap for growth, they will have an unmistakable impact on financial services. It’s why we must continue to collaborate with industry leaders and educational institutions to introduce bright, young talent to our profession.”


The Heider College of Business and Carson Group will be featured in both the print and digital versions of Barron’s this summer/fall as early participants in the Barron’s in Education initiative, which seeks to better connect business with academia, while promoting financial proficiency.

The strategic relationship with Barron’s and Creighton University’s Heider College of Business comes on the heels of a record-breaking growth year for Carson Group, which has signed more than $3.2 billion in committed assets year-to-date. With the addition of these committed assets, the firm will grow from its current $6.8 billion in assets under management to just over $10 billion once transforming assets are fully realized. Carson Group was also recently recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.


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The Barron’s in Education program partners with academia and engages students to join business leaders, top market professionals, C-level executives, business school faculty and highly successful investors across the Barron’s community. For more information go to:

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