Chalice CIO Christopher Giles Hosts T3 Conference Session on ‘Five Things You Can Do To Increase the Productivity of Your Business’

Chalice CIO Christopher Giles Hosts T3 Conference Session on ‘Five Things You Can Do To Increase the Productivity of Your Business’

Chalice Financial Network™, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based member benefit organization for independent financial advisors, announced today that its Chief Information Officer, Christopher Giles, is hosting an in-depth and groundbreaking session on business productivity at the T3 Advisor Conference, held from Tuesday, Jan. 29 to Friday, Feb. 1, in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Giles, who has more than two decades of experience in financial technology strategy and development, operations and relationship management, is hosting “Five Things You Can Do to Increase the Productivity of Your Business.” The session explores how independent financial advisors running small to midsize practices can leverage scale, software and community to grow as entrepreneurs.

The session occurs from 5:15 p.m. to 5:55 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 30, in the Equestrian Ballroom of the Denton Convention Center. In addition to the actionable takeaways that Mr. Giles shares during the session, attendees will receive 33% off membership to the Chalice Financial Network.

“Advisors are often unaware of the right tech for meeting their business needs,” Mr. Giles said in advance of the session. “Unbundling an array of support functions allows them to choose only those features and solutions most relevant to them, at better prices than they could obtain on their own. Advisors’ common technology needs make it beneficial to join a community that goes beyond traditional best-practice sharing to tackle business and technology solutions.”

The T3 Advisor Conference session follows the recent announcement that CFN has officially launched by delivering to its members a digital marketplace and suite of shared services via the Chalice Advisor Exchange™ (CAEx), which provides third-party technology and business enterprise solutions on a completely “unbundled” a la carte basis, free of traditional RIA or broker-dealer affiliation agreements.

Advisors attending the T3 session with Mr. Giles will receive 33% off membership to CFN, which otherwise is a flat $250 monthly fee. Membership grants advisors access to discounted services that include broker-dealer and RIA support, access to capital, investment management, financial planning, group health insurance and other Fortune 500 benefits options, as well as back-office support ranging from human resources and accounting to equipment and office space.

Mr. Giles summarized his goals for the T3 Advisor Conference session by saying, “Advisors who join the right membership-based organization can position themselves to overcome the risks of running a Do-It-Yourself business. This enables them to outsource tasks that support their core competencies, devote more time to profit-generating activities and long-term strategic planning, while saving money on software that improves their operational efficiency.”


Chalice Financial Network (“Chalice”) is a San Diego-based, leading provider of third-party technology, asset management, wealth management and business enterprise solutions for independent financial advisors across the country, delivered through an exclusive membership structure. Chalice is the Holy Grail for Wealth Advisors™ due to its ability to aggregate and integrate all the tools and technology, products and services a wealth advisor needs to run a successful independent business, by accessing the single sign-on shared services digital marketplace and fintech platform. For more information, please visit

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