Comprehensive Whitepaper on Alternative Investment Technology Available Now

Comprehensive Whitepaper on Alternative Investment Technology Available Now

A new whitepaper called “Innovative Strategies for Financial Advisors: Harnessing the Alts Tech Advantage” is available now. Developed in partnership with research provider Blue Vault, fintech consulting company The Oasis Group, and technology events producer T3 (Technology Tools for Today), this comprehensive whitepaper offers a fresh look at how alternative investments and their accompanying advisor technology are changing the way investments are sourced, managed and reported.

Alternative investments are proving increasingly popular in client portfolios, particularly as concerns have grown about the vulnerabilities and sustainability of traditional 60/40 portfolios. In their whitepaper, The Oasis Group and T3 examine the emergence of alternative investments and how advisors are tailoring client portfolios with innovative asset allocations and groundbreaking investment techniques.

“Client demand for alternative investments continues to grow rapidly,” said John O’Connell, founder of The Oasis Group. “Alts can present research and implementation challenges for firms and necessitate the addition of new technology to an advisor’s tech stack. Our whitepaper summarizes the potential of alts, the challenges they present and the latest point solutions available to advisors.”

Advisors are expanding their use of alternative investments, including private equity funds, business development companies (BDCs) and interval funds (IFs), in client portfolios. Properly deployed, alts are improving portfolio diversification and reducing risk—but they may also require the addition of new advisor tech and training.

“The growth of alts investing is catalyzing a bevy of tech developments for advisors,” explained Joel Bruckenstein, founder of the fintech-focused events producer T3 (Technology Tools for Today). “With the publication of this whitepaper, we’re decoding some of those advances and presenting a review of solutions that advisors can use for sourcing, managing and reporting on alts in client portfolios. We’re taking the mystery out of alt investing.”

The more widespread deployment of alts in client portfolios has produced its own proliferation of technology, which the paper’s authors review and address.

“With alternative investments clearly enhancing today’s portfolio playbook, John and Joel have painted a descriptive roadmap for wealth advisors looking to onboard alternative investment strategies and solutions,” said Stacy Chitty, co-founder of Blue Vault. “John and Joel have taken the complexity out of getting started with alts—eliminating a sizable barrier to entry—and are providing an educational ‘cheat sheet’ to help advisors jumpstart their understanding of how and where to begin incorporating alts.”

“Innovative Strategies for Financial Advisors: Harnessing the Alt Tech Advantage” is designed to give readers a comprehensive overview of the potential alts have to reinvigorate client portfolios, the different types of alts available to advisors and how technology developers are building new solutions for advisors to overcome implementation challenges.

“Innovative Strategies for Financial Advisors: Harnessing the Alt Tech Advantage,” is available for download at:

About The Oasis Group

The Oasis Group was founded in 2019 by John O’Connell with the goal of helping financial service companies and leaders with their technology and revenue generation challenges. The team works with start-ups, emerging businesses, established firms, and publicly traded enterprises within the financial services space who want to take their organization to the next level of performance. O’Connell and his team assist their clients in various capacities through their consulting and advisory services. To learn more about The Oasis Group visit

About T3 Technology Tools for Today

T3 – Technology Tools for Today was founded in 2003 by financial services experts (and former financial advisors) David Drucker and Joel Bruckenstein. Together they are the authors of three books: Technology Tools for Today’s High-Margin Practice: How Client-Centered Financial Advisors Can Cut Paperwork, Overhead, and Wasted Hours (2013); Tools and Techniques of Practice Management (2013) and Virtual Office Tools for For a High Margin Practice (2002). For many years, Drucker and Bruckenstein produced the T3 Technology newsletter, the first of its kind in the financial services industry. They also began to host the industry’s leading conference on technology as it directly relates to practice management and building a profitable business. To learn more about T3 visit

About Blue Vault

Founded in 2009, Blue Vault was built on the belief that transparency, education and access are the essential ingredients for wealth advisors to bring alts to the forefront of their practices and select the offerings best suited for their clients. Blue Vault is committed to providing access to valuable performance information that was once stored only deep inside financial statements and filings, and often difficult to obtain. Through Blue Vault, wealth advisors gain access to in-depth research on non-traded REITs, non-traded BDCs, interval funds, tender offer funds, preferred shares and a growing number of private securities offerings by means of reports and a searchable alts offerings database. Blue Vault serves as the hub for alternative investments. Learn more by visiting

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