Dynasty Financial Partners & MarketCounsel Announce Strategic Partnership with SmartRIA

Dynasty Financial Partners & MarketCounsel Announce Strategic Partnership with SmartRIA

SmartRIA’s End-to-End Solution Helps Financial Advisory Practices Simplify & Optimize Compliance Workflows

Dynasty Financial Partners (Dynasty) and MarketCounsel, together, announced a strategic partnership with SmartRIA at The MarketCounsel Summit. SmartRIA is a provider of comprehensive technology solutions for automating and streamlining compliance for registered investment advisers (RIAs).

“When we were looking for cutting-edge software to make compliance considerably easier, more operationally efficient, and more collaborative for advisory organizations, we found that SmartRIA was the best choice,” said Edward C. Swenson, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Dynasty Financial Partners. “SmartRIA offers a user-friendly interface, automated workflows, and a value-adding consultancy feature to transform compliance from drudgery into a driver for robust growth—and all within a centralized platform.”

Under the strategic partnership, Dynasty will implement The SmartRIA Pro platform for its network advisors; MarketCounsel will leverage The SmartRIA Pro platform to deliver its tailored compliance management program to its member firms. The companies have also completed an investment in SmartRIA. Terms of the investment were not disclosed, but Dynasty along with MarketCounsel have selected MarketCounsel’s President and CEO, Brian Hamburger, to join SmartRIA’s board of directors.

“As the regulatory and risk landscape continues to evolve, RIAs find themselves allocating outsized internal resources to protect the firm and maintain their regulatory compliance program,” said MarketCounsel President and CEO Brian Hamburger. “We are excited that we have been able to translate our bespoke compliance program and its custom monitoring algorithms to SmartRIA’s platform and believe that, together, we can give our RIA member firms peace of mind without having to hire more team members or utilize multiple, disparate technology systems. I am excited to work with SmartRIA’s leadership team on executing upon its strategic vision and enabling more advisors to benefit from its technology.”

“At Dynasty, we utilize our industry-leading size and scale in the technology and value-add business services space to make strategic investments or acquisitions where we view synergies for our network. SmartRIA fits the bill because it presents RIAs with the opportunity to train their advisors and obtain firm-wide consistency on workflows for a wide gamut of compliance issues,” said Shirl Penney, CEO of Dynasty Financial Partners. “We will continue to invest in our supply chain to provide an expanded, integrated technology experience for the benefit of our network advisors and their end clients.”

“Just like the entrepreneurial advisors who rely on our software, we at SmartRIA understand what it’s like to create a business through hard work and dedication,” said Mac Bartine, CEO of SmartRIA. “Dynasty and MarketCounsel share our commitment to providing independent RIAs with the tools they need to help their businesses adapt and grow, and we are grateful for their support and guidance.”

The SmartRIA Pro platform simplifies compliance for advisory practices through a suite of services such as:

  *   Trade Monitoring: Firms can detect front running, automate quarterly transaction reports, and receive proactive, automated alerts for Code of Ethics violations.

  *   Documentation of Operations & Records: The platform offers firms permission-based file storage for their policies, manuals, and books and records that complies with Rule 204-2.

  *   Streamlined, Automated Workflows for All Team Members: SmartRIA Pro establishes comprehensive, concise steps for every employee at an advisory firm, to ensure regulatory obligations are met and records of fiduciary oversight are transparently documented. From every employee’s first day on the job, the SmartRIA Pro platform automates the compliance workflows they must adhere to as they are onboarded.

  *   Data Governance: Firms can map vendor and employee access to sensitive data, conduct vendor due diligence, and document data exposure incidents within the platform, allowing them to track, document, and report on their entire data governance program.

For more information, please visit www.marketcounsel.com<http://www.marketcounsel.com>.

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