Employment, Education, and Family Insights Now Available in Catchlight

Employment, Education, and Family Insights Now Available in Catchlight

Catchlight, a firm dedicated to helping independent RIAs scale and grow organically through the use of powerful data and proprietary AI models, has recently added enhancements to its platform. They now empower advisors to use employment connections can help turn a lead into a client 

Having insight on where a lead works or has worked offers an advisor two distinct advantages: 

  1. Perhaps you’re an expert on helping doctors balance high incomes, student debt, and malpractice insurance needs. Or maybe you know your local tech company’s benefit structure better than anyone and can help your clients get the most of little-known benefits. Catchlight’s new Employment section will display up to three of the leads most recent positions held. 

  2. Referrals are a proven source of new business. Now with employment history, you can see if any of your clients overlap with leads that you have. With this insight a simple outreach to the client asking them to put in a good word for you with these leads is a no-brainer.  

Employer and Education Data in Catchlight                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lead Sample

Leverage school connections to grow your practice.  

In addition to providing employment details, you’ll now see education details. This data can be leveraged to create warm introductions in your alma mater networks. You can also use this to find connections between current clients or friends and new leads. This data may give you insight into the trajectory of a lead’s career.  

New insight into family status including children and grandchildren 

When you service a client, you are indirectly serving their loved ones too. With the new Family and Connections data, you can see if a lead is likely married, how many children they may have, and how many grandchildren could be in the picture. Wow your prospects by showing them not only how you can help them with their financial goals, but also how you can help their family thrive. 

Find the social connectors amongst your leads 

Your clients can often be your biggest advocates for growing your business. They may introduce you to their friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and broader networks helping to create your next batch of leads that turn into great clients. 

 Social Capital Score from Catchlight                                                       Sample Social Capital Score

With the Catchlight Social Capital Score, you may now have insight into a lead’s network strength, within both physical and digital communities. The Social Capital Score is driven by but is not limited to: club & board memberships, professional networks, and social media reach. Use this new insight to help prioritize your outreach to those that could become your most valuable referrals source in the future.  

The addition of these new tools make Catchlight an even more compelling tool for advisors.

For more information, visit: https://catchlight.ai/

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