Financial Advisors Can Now Provide Medicare Guidance to Clients Without Having to Become Medicare Experts or Sell Insurance

Financial Advisors Can Now Provide Medicare Guidance to Clients Without Having to Become Medicare Experts or Sell Insurance

Today, i65 Medicare Optimization Software announces the launch of i65 2.0.

For millions of Americans, Medicare is both confusing and scary. “To get the unbiased guidance they seek, seniors are increasingly turning to financial advisors for help,” said i65 Co-Founder and Medicare expert, Melinda A. Caughill. “Unfortunately, most advisors today still aren’t helping. For those willing to have a conversation, this is a huge opportunity to grow client relationships and their business.”

With its initial launch in 2017, i65 allowed advisors to provide Medicare guidance to clients without having to become Medicare experts themselves. Through a simple question-and-answer process, i65 gets to know a client’s unique situation, makes Medicare timing and type of coverage recommendations, and then generates a personalized report called a Medicare RoadMap. RoadMaps include step-by-step enrollment instructions, calendars, important information about Medicare in general, plus much more.

Now, with i65 2.0, it’s even easier for financial advisors to provide Medicare guidance to their clients.

Services — Not Just Software

One of the most noticeable differences with 2.0 is that software is no longer the only option. While advisors can still use the software to provide clients with our personalized Medicare RoadMaps, advisors can also offer clients one-on-one consulting services with nationally recognized Medicare experts.

i65 2.0 empowers an advisor to meet the needs of all clients — regardless of whether or not the client is enrolled in Medicare. A variety of services now help those clients already enrolled in Medicare to better understand the coverage they have, determine whether their coverage is the most effective for their current situation, or even solve Medicare problems. Some of the most complex Medicare needs — expatriates and repatriates, clients under 65 with disabilities, and more— have solutions through i65 2.0.

More Freedom and Flexibility With a Credit-based System

In the past, financial planners received a set number of RoadMaps based on their i65 subscription level. Now, each annual subscription receives a number of credits. Advisors can choose how to use i65 in a manner that best meets their needs as well as the needs of their clients. They can spend credits on any consulting services, webinars, live speaking engagements with Medicare experts, and more.

i65 Identifies the Specific Medicare Needs of Clients

In the new i65 2.0, a short 5-minute questionnaire called a “Needs Assessment” helps an advisor understand the exact Medicare educational and decision-making needs of the client. The Needs Assessment lets an advisor know if the i65 software will be able to help a specific client, or if that client will require other services due to the unique nature of their situation.

More of What’s New & Improved in i65

  • New, low-cost $109 membership tier for advisors who plan to use i65 just one or two times a year
  • Cleaner, easier-to-use interface
  • New customization settings that allow advisors to add insurance agents into RoadMaps, legal disclaimers, a custom page within RoadMaps, and more
  • New Medicare Resources, including a retiree vs. Medicare comparison tool, updated Medigap purchasing guides, new Getting Started with i65 guide, plus more
  • The New “Help” menu item will make it easier than ever to get technical support
  • New Administrative tools to help monitor the credit usage of professionals within an organization

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