Financial Advisors Learn About Client Engagement Surveys at T3 Conference as NEXA Insights Launches Nationwide

NEXA Insights, creator of a total advisor solution for gathering client feedback, analyzing responses and providing visual, focused insights, today announced at the T3 Technology conference for financial advisors that it is launching nationwide after extensive beta testing within the industry.

NEXA Insights provides a system for gathering client feedback, providing both the implementation expertise and technology needed to effortlessly deploy a customized survey solution to financial advisory firms.

“Firms have been telling us for a long time that they want to gather client feedback; they just don’t know where to start, said NEXA founder Chris Manker. “Advisors aren’t sure what to ask, and they aren’t confident they’ll be able to identify actionable insights from the results when they do ask. We fixed that, and we made it easy.”


The visualization technology created by NEXA Insights provides a focused view of the feedback. An algorithm determines the retention risk associated with each participant.  Opportunities are identified, categories and questions scored, text comments analyzed, and everything is aggregated into a unique, drillable view. To provide context around the scoring, benchmarks provide a scoring comparison within the industry.

“Advisors are great at listening to their clients,” continued Manker. “Empathizing and connecting on a human level with clients is the basis for every decision an advisor will make.  But often, what they are listening for, and ultimately hearing is focused around financial needs, objectives, lifestyle or investment decisions. Rarely does an advisor get the opportunity to listen in a way that is specifically targeted to hearing client feedback.  We provide a medium that is focused on this key component of the advisor-client relationship; it’s independent and the results are honest – often brutally honest.”


NEXA Insights announced the news from the T3 Technology Conference in Denton, TX.  The firm is also demoing their newly launched product to advisors who visit their booth in the exhibit hall.

NEXA partner Jim Starcev, formerly a Managing Director with Charles Schwab, will also be speaking at T3:

Title: Why surveying clients is still important in a world inundated with surveys

Time/Day: 8:15 AM – 8:25 AM, Fri, Feb 1, 2019

Location: Pioneer Ballroom 2/3/4

Starcev will answer the following questions during his presentation:

  • Why does it seem like everyone is surveying?
  • How often should I survey?
  • Pros and cons of a Net Promoter Score


NEXA Insights provides focused, actionable insights across a financial advisory firm’s clients. By leveraging these insights, firms proactively identify retention risks, highlight opportunities, and gain insights into their client experience that allows them to make strategic decisions that are focused on key areas of the client relationship. Learn more at

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