FinMason Continues International Expansion, Adds Euro Currency Product

FinMason, an award-winning investment analytics company, announced that they are rolling out a Euro-denominated version of their investment analytics platform. This enhancement marks a continuation of FinMason’s international expansion plans. This announcement comes on the heels of FinMason’s roll-out in Canada in April. The new Euro analytics product is scheduled to launch at the end of August.

The new base-currency analytics can be accessed by simply changing three letters in the API address, enabling global firms to use the same code base across all currencies. Looking forward, the firm projects incorporating support for the Pound and Swiss Franc by the end of the year, with many of the Asian currencies following in 2019.

“Rolling out in a new base currency is more than just currency conversion. To do it right, you need to localize all the factor models, rebase scenario analyses/stress tests and construct new yield curves, amongst other things,” noted Robert Blake, Ph.D., FinMason’s head of global macroeconomics.

The Euro currency product will be located in a secure datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany, and will be GDPR-compliant. This will allow financial services firms with Eurozone operations to leverage FinMason’s investment analytics while still preserving FinMason’s rapid response times. International firms interested in expanding to European markets can also take advantage of FinMason’s new capabilities to facilitate development and accelerate their timelines.

“Our current and prospective clients have been asking us for Euro-based analytics,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CFA, founder and CEO of FinMason. “There is a great deal of WealthTech being developed in Europe right now and those firms want to take advantage of the rapid prototyping, iterating on functionality and faster times to market that our API solution enables.”


FinMason is one of the world’s largest investment analytics engines for financial services platforms. The Boston-based financial technology firm provides access to more than 700 calculations on every publicly traded asset in the world delivered through one simple API. Developed by FinMason’s team of seasoned data practitioners and nine Ph.D.s, the cutting-edge platform delivers institutional-grade analytics in milliseconds via two core products: FinRiver™ – a lightning-fast API that delivers any analytics anywhere in a financial services firm’s platform with just a few keystrokes; and, FinScope™ – a bulk processing platform that can analyze millions of portfolios every night for compliance screening and performance attribution. For more information, visit

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