FinMason Launches Accessible Fixed Income Analytics

FinMason Launches Accessible Fixed Income Analytics

FinMason, a FinTech firm and investment analytics provider that enables WealthTech platforms to accelerate development and time-to-market, announced that it has launched the first phase of its fixed income analytics offering for the retail wealth management and asset management communities. The newly-launched suite of analytics will cover all publicly-traded sovereign, corporate, and supranational fixed income securities worldwide.

“Fixed income analytics have historically been prohibitively difficult and expensive to develop. The calculations are computationally intense and require enormous amounts of data for millions of securities,” said Saeid Hoseinzade, PhD, Head of Fixed Income at FinMason. “We are leveraging the power of FinMason’s modern calculation platform to overcome these obstacles and deliver affordable, yet comprehensive and accurate fixed income analytics in an accessible way.”

Phase one of the offering will provide WealthTech platforms easy access to more than 30 analytics on the entire global sovereign and corporate universes – more than half a million bonds issued by 130 countries in 119 distinct currencies. Analytics will run from simple yield and risk measures, such as accrued interest, yield to maturity and modified duration, all the way up to sophisticated, institutional-grade analytics such as Option-Adjusted Spread, effective and key rate durations. The entire catalogue of fixed income analytics will be available through the same award-winning API that delivers all of FinMason’s other analytics as well as reference data from select third-party providers.
“Personally, I’m most excited by the appli

cations in the retail wealth space. Given how inaccessible robust fixed income analytics have been, many retail wealth platforms have had to improvise and settle for less accurate methods of analyzing their fixed income investments,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CEO of FinMason. “This product allows them to quickly, easily, and affordably incorporate real fixed income analytics into their platforms to give their clients a true picture of their portfolios.”

This announcement follows the news earlier this week of FinMason’s partnership with Enhance, their first client headquartered in Europe.


FinMason, one of the world’s largest investment analytics engines for financial services platforms, enables WealthTech platforms to accelerate development and time-to-market while retaining control of their user experience. Built with speed, flexibility, and scalability in mind, the financial technology firm calculates and delivers more than 700 analytics on every publicly-traded asset in the world via one simple API. For more information, visit

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