FMG and Catchlight Partner to Give Financial Advisors an “Easy Button” to Deliver Personalized Prospect Communications

FMG and Catchlight Partner to Give Financial Advisors an “Easy Button” to Deliver Personalized Prospect Communications

AI-driven insights surface compelling content tailored for each lead, accelerating business development.

In a turbulent market environment, financial advisors need sustainable growth through predictable business development efforts. Investors need advisors who understand their unique financial goals and challenges. Meeting both needs head-on, Catchlight and FMG have partnered to enable financial advisors to leverage data-driven insights and intelligent content to deliver a personalized lead engagement strategy for growth. Catchlight users can now quickly match their leads to suggested, relevant content from FMG’s robust library, jump-starting engagement efforts and allowing advisors to tailor their communications to each lead.

Catchlight’s lead insights engine, fueled by 2.5 billion data points from institution-grade partners, enriches the profiles of advisors’ leads with deep demographic data and highlights those who are most likely to become clients based on AI trained on more than 100,000 successful conversions. Advisors can then draw on these unique insights to deliver more personalized outreach.

Catchlight’s collaboration with FMG builds on these data-enriched profiles, matching more than 500 emails, blogs, social posts, and articles within FMG’s content to the key attributes of specific leads. A prospective client’s age, income, likely planning objectives, and additional traits will signal Catchlight to suggest FMG content related to those traits. The integration allows advisors to conduct data-driven, personalized marketing, which according to McKinsey can lift revenues by 5 to 15%, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10 to 30%.

“This partnership is extremely powerful for advisors,” said Scott White, CEO of FMG. “Customers of both platforms can capitalize on Catchlight’s AI-driven insights to prioritize prospects and uncover their unique interests, as well as click a button enabling advisors to launch marketing communications personalized to each prospect leveraging the FMG library. This is a game changer and addresses a major pain point for advisors.”

When an advisor decides to reach out to a lead, Catchlight surfaces headlines and brief summaries of FMG content aligned with that lead’s key characteristics. Each piece of content is tagged with a keyword system that clearly shows advisors why that content is pertinent to each lead, based on their profile within Catchlight. The summaries direct advisors to the FMG platform, where they can track and coordinate their marketing campaigns.

“We built Catchlight to answer two questions for advisors: ‘Who should I reach out to first? How do I personalize my pitch?” said Yelena Melamed, co-founder, and head of product at Catchlight. “Our integration with FMG amplifies our ability to answer the last question and gives advisors an easy entry into the ever-expanding content resources of a digital marketing leader.”

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