GCF Launches “FinVal” Business Valuation Technology Platform for Financial Advisors

GCF Launches “FinVal” Business Valuation Technology Platform for Financial Advisors

Digital valuation tool will enable Financial Advisors to simply and easily generate comprehensive business valuations, creating new opportunities to work with high-potential business owner prospects and clients

GCF Valuation, the industry’s largest privately held business valuation company,  has announced  the launch of FinVal, a new technology-based business valuation platform custom designed for financial advisors. This comprehensive, yet easy to use digital platform will enable financial advisors to provide business owners with comprehensive business valuations to better engage with new, high-potential prospects, as well as provide more comprehensive financial planning advice and guidance to business owner clients.

FinVal provides a quick and intuitive way to digitally access valuation services to create comprehensive valuations. FinVal provides comprehensive valuation analyses via a 15-page report that includes over 100 valuation factors, along with 3 separate valuations via market, asset and income methodologies, based on over 20,000 comparables.  Additionally, FinVal provides access to experts in valuation, M&A, business brokering, SBA lending and more to position financial advisors as the go to resource for business and exit planning implementation steps.

“There are over 30 million business owners in the US alone that are a highly desirable client segment for financial advisors,” said Steve Mize, co-founder and Partner of GCF. “They have high incomes, sizable portfolios and a very valuable asset that one day will transition to new owners, creating a liquidity event that can be a fantastic opportunity for financial advisors to manage and grow their AUM.“

The challenge for financial advisors, however, is that these attractive clients and prospects also have very unique and specific financial planning issues focused on the value of the business for retirement, estate and insurance planning purposes – something that advisors have not had an easy answer for outside of an expensive and time-consuming formal valuation.

“We designed FinVal to be a low-cost technology solution to meet this pressing need to better enable financial advisors to work with business owners and bridge the gap as a key first step to engaging with these high potential prospects and clients,” Mize said.

There are also additional compelling reasons for advisors to expand their practices by working with business owner clients. Adding value to their client relationships is becoming ever more critical in this new more competitive, challenging and complex operating environment. According to research recently published by FinVal, 

“As investment management is becoming commoditized, advisors everywhere are looking to provide more holistic services, along with more robust financial and estate planning offerings to attract and retain clients. By offering business valuation services, advisors have a unique opportunity to strategically attract and retain this lucrative client segment.”

To learn more about FinVal and download this research report, log onto www.FinVal.com.

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