Hubly Releases Intelligent Automatic Task Assignment

Hubly Releases Intelligent Automatic Task Assignment

Hubly announces new product feature that improves the flow of work within financial advisory teams

By Joel Bruckenstein, CFP

Hubly has recently today announced Service Teams, a new product feature addressing time consuming and inefficient task assignment. Hubly’s Service Teams assigns tasks automatically, making intelligent routing decisions based on a team member’s role, workload, and the specific clients that that team member serves.

“When Hubly launched, just over two years ago, we set out to build technology that enables financial advisory firms to deliver exceptional client experiences at scale” said Louis Retief, CEO and Co-founder of Hubly. “In launching Service Teams, Hubly continues to transform the way that advisory firms service their clients by giving hours back to their work days, making it possible to deliver incredible service faster.” Hubly’s COO and Co-founder, Ron Gorodetsky says, “Prior to Service Teams, we found that most firms were functioning with someone acting as an ‘air traffic controller’. They would need to manually delegate every task to the right team member. This is a highly inefficient process that takes up hours of work, results in things falling through the cracks, and puts a lot of pressure on the person in this role. Today we’re delivering a solution that automates this away entirely.”

Features and benefits of Service Teams include:

  • Service Teams can be set up automatically via two-way sync leveraging every client’s assigned advisor from the CRM.
  • Custom roles can be created to assign team members to specialized types of tasks.
  • Tasks flow automatically to the right team member based on their role on that client’s service team.
  • Intelligent load balancing for shared roles can route tasks based on each team member’s capacity, removing the need to manually monitor and manage individual workloads.
  • Task re-routing allows for seamless continuity of work when a team member is away.

Most advisory firms organize themselves into teams that are responsible for relationships with a specific group of clients. So when client-centric work needs to be completed, someone on the team is responsible for manually assigning individual tasks. The team at Hubly discovered that it’s possible to automate this away and route tasks intelligently to the right team member while improving accuracy and visibility. This can be accomplished by providing firms with an intuitive way to set up a digital service model that reflects how their team is actually organized. Hubly developed Service Teams with this vision in mind. Service Teams is available to all Hubly users today. Plans start at $79 per month with product training ranging from self-guided to comprehensive, expert-led onboarding. Hubly also provides training on best practices to structure and delegate work effectively across your team.

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