Idea Decanter Conducts Video Performance Boot Camp and Launches “Instant Video Impact” at T3 Conference

Idea Decanter Conducts Video Performance Boot Camp and Launches “Instant Video Impact” at T3 Conference

Idea Decanter, a video marketing agency that helps financial advisors write, record, produce, and market unique, custom-created videos, today announced the launch of Instant Video Impact, a turnkey 2-video production program for financial advisors. The company, which will be exhibiting at the Technology Tools for Today (T3) Conference taking place from January 22 – 25, 2024 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Resort Las Vegas, will be hosting a Video Performance Boot Camp and demonstrating the capabilities of the remote video tools from booth #534.

“Instant Video Impact is absolutely the easiest way to get started with video that anyone has ever invented,” said Laura Garfield, a former broadcast journalist turned co-founder of Idea Decanter. “Advisors get scripts, a coach, a pop-up studio, video editing, and training. It’s the chance to skip all the trial and error and go straight to video mastery and marketing success with all the tools, skills, and confidence needed to produce high-quality videos.”

Instant Video Impact was specifically designed for advisors who hope to boost their marketing and growth with video and want enough guidance and support to get started – without the high costs of renting a studio or hiring a professional videographer to come on location. With the Instant Video Impact program, advisors have everything they need to create professional-grade videos.

“Having produced thousands of videos for advisors across the country, we’ve learned that there are three seemingly insurmountable obstacles that hold advisors back from leveraging video to grow their business: equipment, on-cam fears, and a professional video editor,” explained Idea Decanter co-founder Sharon Gottula, a professional multimedia videographer and photographer for over 20 years. “With Instant Video Impact, we have eliminated these obstacles by providing a fully equipped pop-up studio and professional support that allows advisors to quickly and easily create professional videos.”


There are 4 easy steps to implementing Instant Video Impact.

  1. A pop-up studio is delivered to the advisor with professional-grade sound and lighting gear, along with remote video recording software. A dedicated coach provides instructions on setting up lights, microphone, software, and how to use a phone camera to achieve professional results. The coach then helps determine a recording location for best results and provide direction on how to deliver a great performance. The coach will provide guidance for recording the video, including how to use the teleprompter, and takes the advisor through the recording process for the first video.
  2. Once the first video is complete, advisors get access to “Sprint Studio” where their second video script is waiting in the teleprompter. This DIY alternative allows the advisor to take what they learned in the coaching session and record videos on their own. Advisors have the ability to record multiple takes until they are satisfied with the results.
  3. Once the recording of the second video is finished, those video clips are uploaded from the advisor’s phone to a team of professional editors. Idea Decanter then produces two professional-grade videos.
  4. The two videos are delivered ready-to-use with Idea Decanter’s “How to Use Your Videos” Checklist. Access to more scripts and the “Sprint Studio” or a live coaching experience are available for advisors who want to make video marketing a regular part of their growth strategy.


Instant Video Impact is regularly priced at $1,295. A T3 Technology Conference early bird discount is available; if advisors sign up by February 14, 2024, their price will be only $995 – a savings of $300.


Established in 2014 by Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula, Idea Decanter believes in the power of video. Garfield is a former broadcast journalist. Gottula has 20+ years of professional photography and multimedia videography experience. This innovative creative video agency not only helps financial advisors create engaging video content, but also has the industry knowledge to advise on boosting the firm’s and individual advisors’ video marketing efforts. From building trust with current clients and strategic partners, to converting more prospects and growing the business, video is a powerful communication tool – and Idea Decanter has a perfected a platform and array of service options that should appeal to any advisor who wants to be seen as the most credible, personable authority in their community and/or field. In addition to nurturing client relationships and engaging prospects, video also has great search engine and viral sharing benefits. Using Idea Decanter’s remote video services, hundreds of financial advisors have watched their practice grow while saving themselves time, money, and headaches. Learn more at

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