Important Update: The T3 Conference is being pushed to 2022

Important Update: The T3 Conference is being pushed to 2022

Dear friends and members of the T3 community,

Unfortunately, the Delta Variant and continuing concerns about coronavirus transmission have forced us to make a difficult decision.

We are currently in the process of pushing the T3 conference from fall 2021 into spring 2022. In the essence of time and respect for the effort and cost associated with planning your participation, we wanted to send this message as soon as a decision to postpone was made.

We have spoken with numerous T3 stakeholders, speakers, sponsors, press and attendees, and have determined that this is the best plan for all concerned.

We are sorry if this causes you any undue stress and hope that you will be able to cancel your travel plans now – and save those airline credits for the new date – which will be announced in the next week or so, once the convention center and hotel in Denton, Texas, confirms that we can lock in our desired dates in May or June of 2022. Know that we are trying to avoid an overlap with other major conferences, etc.

Please bear with us as we work with the meeting planning teams to move T3 into 2022. Hopefully, the coronavirus concerns will be much reduced by then.

Important details:

If you are registered as a speaker or as an attendee, in any category of participation, no action is needed on your part. We will automatically roll your registration(s) forward for the new dates in 2022. Questions or other requests to the contrary should be addressed to Phil Galanty at AIM Meetings:

If you are a sponsor, no action is needed on your part. Phil Galanty and AIM Meetings will roll forward your sponsorship to the new dates in 2022. Questions or other requests to the contrary should be addressed to Phil Galanty at AIM Meetings:

Please hold tight on canceling your hotel reservation(s) at the Embassy Suites. We are trying to work out a process with them to eliminate the need for you to do this directly – but we will send additional information out on that within the next 24-48 hours.

Please, of course, handle your own airline cancelations and credits. Many of the carriers have relaxed their change/cancel/future-use policies due to current realities, so we trust this will not affect your wallet.
We are truly sorry for this disruption and change in plans. I know that we were all looking forward to getting back together, in person, this fall, but the consensus is that this is the best course of action right now.

Please continue to watch T3 social media and subscribe to the T3 Newsletter at so that you receive continued information about FinTech news and technology advances on an ongoing basis. We’ll also be emailing the new 2022 dates as soon as we have them from the Denton Convention Center and venue hotel. Staying on this email list will ensure you receive timely information.

Again, we will send out another communication with the new 2022 dates for T3 in Denton, Texas, as well as hotel cancelation instructions, as soon as those become available – hopefully in the next 1-2 days on the hotel instructions and 1-2 weeks before we have the new 2022 dates.


Joel Bruckenstein, CFP® President

Joel Bruckenstein
Joel Bruckenstein
Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFP®, is Publisher of the T3 Tech Hub (formerly the T3 newsletter) and the producer of the Technology Tools for Today (T3) Advisor Conference, the only annual technology conference for independent advisors, as well as the Technology Tools for Today (T3) Enterprise Conference. He also hosts other technology summits in partnership with thought leaders in the financial services industry (e.g., Brian Hamburger of MarketCounsel) and his own by-invitation-only fintech summit every summer. In 2020, Bruckenstein will produce for the first time a new one-day intensive called T3 Cyber University. Bruckenstein is an internationally acclaimed expert on applied technology as it relates to the financial service industry. He is the co-author of three books: Virtual Office Tools for a High Margin Practice, Tools and Techniques of Practice Management, and Technology Tools for Today’s High Margin Practice. Bruckenstein’s monthly technology columns appeared in Financial Advisor magazine and Financial Planning magazine for many years. In addition, he works in tandem with industry influential Bob Veres, publisher of Inside Information, to produce an annual technology survey for the financial planning community. Bruckenstein accepted the fifth annual Leadership Award bestowed by Bob Veres' Insider's Forum, a conference that brings together the leading figures of the financial planning profession during a main stage presentation at the Insider's Forum held September 6-8, 2017 in Nashville, TN. Bruckenstein has for more than twenty years advised financial service firms of all sizes on improving their technologies, processes and workflows. For more information about Joel Bruckenstein and the services his firm offers, please visit

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