Launches Advisor Brand Builder, a New Marketing Technology for Financial Firms Launches Advisor Brand Builder, a New Marketing Technology for Financial Firms, the growth engine design consultancy firm transforming the way finserv and fintech companies approach marketing, is redefining brand design for financial advisors with today’s launch of Advisor Brand Builder (ABB).

The proprietary branding solution was co-engineered by CEO Kelly Waltrich and industry branding veteran Melissa Thomas, who will serve as the President of ABB. Waltrich and Thomas, who together led two of the most high-profile fintech rebrands at eMoney and Orion, infused ABB’s technology with the same pressure-tested process now used to develop, refine, and optimize’s clients’ brands.

“Traditionally, advisors have had to choose between a high-cost, custom brand developed by a marketing agency, or a generic, templated-option they could DIY from any number of technology platforms,” Waltrich explained. “The first path is more often than not prohibitively expensive for new firms and enterprises looking for a scalable advisor solution. And the second, while certainly a faster and lower-cost approach, fails to capture the nuances of a brand story like our team can. ABB combines the expertise and oversight of the agency option, with an AI-optimized workflow to deliver a revolutionary brand development experience.”

Importantly, Advisor Brand Builder is a solution that approaches branding from a holistic perspective, providing high-impact options for both visual and written elements of a firm’s brand.

“A distinct, ownable brand is so much more than just a logo,” added Thomas. “The real magic of ABB is that it enables firms to build a unique, high-impact message platform and a suite of custom assets with a push of a button. And the output is fully vetted by the experts of our agency team, delivering an-end-to-end experience that simply doesn’t exist for advisory firms today.”

How Advisor Brand Builder Works:

  • Discover: Through a simple, self-guided discovery workflow and intuitive features like “Talk to Text” transcription, ABB helps firms identify their visual style preferences and surface their firm’s unique story and value.
  • Develop: In real time, responses are fed through a proprietary brand generation engine that combines the power of innovation with the brand-development expertise of the ABB team, to serve up three custom brand style boards, including logo, color palette, brand imagery and more, as well as a complete firm message framework.
  • Refine: Within each style board, firms can edit individual visual elements and adjust messaging as needed, before selecting a final board to move forward.
  • Review: The ABB team then jumps in to give each brand a thorough review, licensing images and refining the board for professional use.
  • Apply: In the final step and with their final brand style board in hand, firms can then apply their brand to a range of turnkey assets, like business cards, email signatures, and other templates, or download their final brand asset files directly.

The whole process, from start to applied brand assets, takes less than 48 hours.

For a one-time fee starting at $2999, plus a nominal monthly charge that will allow firms ongoing access to the tool and the ability to brand additional marketing assets on-demand, ABB is a revolutionary way for advisors to bring their firm’s visual and written identities to life at a fraction of the cost of hiring a team to do same work.

“We saw a distinct opportunity to fill a real gap for breakaway advisors in particular, who need to get up and running fast and may not yet have the resources to retain the full power of an agency to develop their brand,” said Thomas. “But the solution is also ideal for firms interested in redefining their brand identities, as well as for home offices looking for a compelling recruitment advantage.”

Newly established RIA, Alongside, co-founded by eMoney Advisor alum, Kyle Wharton will be the first to utilize the breakthrough technology to build its enhanced brand foundation. is also pursuing several industry partnerships to embed the ABB tool into existing advisor marketing workflows and create a further streamlined branding experience.

To learn more about how to take advantage of the Advisor Brand Builder tool, visit

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