InterGen Data Launches “LISA” Life Stage Advisor to Empower Advisors with Advanced Insights

InterGen Data Launches “LISA” Life Stage Advisor to Empower Advisors with Advanced Insights

The AI-powered engine provides custom insights into client life events and will transform how advice is delivered.

InterGen Data, the leading Life Event Prediction and Analysis company, announced today the launch of “LISA” Life Stage Advisor, an innovative iPad application designed to revolutionize the financial advising industry. LISA uses InterGen Data’s award-winning technology and proprietary LS/LE Life Stage Life Event predictive and patent pending algorithms to provide every individual with a personalized experience and unparalleled insights.

LISA’s cutting-edge technology allows advisors to compare, assess, and benchmark a client’s current financial situation, delivering answers to important questions such as “How am I doing compared to my peers?”, “When will I be able to afford retirement?”, and “Will I have enough to pass on to my children?”   Unlike traditional static financial modeling techniques, LISA is continuously provided with the latest data to deliver accurate results through every life stage.

With LISA, wealth management firms now have access to ground-breaking technology that enables advisors to help clients adjust their needs and behaviors to better plan for the unknown. The app is specifically designed to put practicality and relevancy at its core, ensuring that advisors always have the right answers to their clients’ financial questions. “We are thrilled to launch LISA, a game-changing product that will transform the financial advising industry,” said Robert J. Kirk, CEO of InterGen Data. ” LISA’s personalized approach to financial insights will empower individuals to make the most informed decisions about their financial future, while providing advisors with a powerful tool to help them build long-term generational relationships with their customers. We believe that LISA will set a new standard for financial advice.”

LISA Life Stage Advisor is now available upon request and will launch in Q2 on the Apple App Store. Get ready for an entirely new approach towards financial advice and insights, one that puts practicality and relevancy at its core. Contact InterGen Data to try LISA today and start winning by making sure you always have the right answers.

About InterGen Data

InterGen Data is an AI/ML based Life Event Prediction and Analysis company that is revolutionizing how financial professionals prepare their clients for impactful life events. InterGen Data’s proprietary algorithms identify the likelihood of a life event occurring, what that event could be, and how much of an effect it would have on the client’s financial plan. Their Data as a Subscription “DaaS” and Service Bureau “SB” models delivers actionable insights to financial services firms, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to assist them in identifying coverage gaps, locating hidden risks, and unearthing revenue opportunities.

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