InterGen Data to Provide “Predictive Life Event” Capabilities on Orion Advisor Platform

InterGen Data, Inc. (InterGen), an AI-driven technology company that helps financial services firms identify when their clients are likely to have an important life event occur – including what that event could be and how much of a financial impact it could represent – today announced a new integration with Orion Advisor Services (Orion), an industry-leading portfolio accounting solution provider for registered investment advisers.

“InterGen Data impressed the advisor community at Orion’s 2018 FUSE competition by seamlessly linking their AI-powered planning tools with our platform, as well as their integration with Alexa smart speakers. They even won the ‘Best Newcomers’ award,” said Brad Burgess, Orion’s chief technology officer. “With the integration we are announcing today, advisors can incorporate InterGen’s predictive data with Orion alerts and workflows, such as marketing campaigns, calendaring, and live advisor audio/video calls.”

“This integration will deliver the next generation of digital advice,” said Aaron Spradlin, CEO of cleverDome, a B-Corporation that provides a community-driven solution to protect confidential consumer information by taking that information “under the Dome”TM (i.e., secure and off the open Internet). “Through InterGen’s AI driven technology, advisors will be able to create, review and advise on their clients’ plans at an even higher and more intuitive level. The insights they’ll receive from InterGen will help them see and understand specific life events that may be looming ahead for specific clients.”


With this integration, advisors will be notified via Amazon’s Alexa when the advisor’s clients are conducting online searches about certain life events. The advisor will be told what the life event searched for was, what specific criteria was included, and what the financial impact could be. Advisors can also use InterGen’s robo advisor module, Digital Advice via Demographics (“DAViD”), to show their clients a cash-flow forecast model; advisors can utilize that widget in their own portal.

“We are excited to integrate with Orion and offer advisors the ability to see the potential impact of certain life events on their clients’ portfolios,” said Robert J. Kirk, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at InterGen. “Knowing what is likely to happen, when it’s likely to happen, and what the financial impact could be, is very powerful. We saw a gap in many of the available financial planning platforms where they don’t account for any future life event expenditures (health or wealth) in either a predictive and/or chronological manner.  With the Orion Advisor Services and InterGen Data integration, advisors will be able to spend more time on revenue-generating activities by proactively increasing their engagement opportunities.”

Additionally, through cleverDome’s end-to-end military-grade cybersecurity platform, InterGen’s technology – which Joel Bruckenstein, CFP®, founder of T3 Technology Tools for Today called out at the Bob Veres Insider’s Forum in mid-September as “truly innovative” – can be fully unlocked to allow advisors to discover the hidden insights that exist within their client base. “My belief is that the only way that you can truly unlock innovation and establish robust AI capabilities with multiple vendors is through cleverDome’s software defined perimeter,” said InterGen’s Kirk. “cleverDome has created a serious solution to thwart data theft – something that you definitely would not want to occur with this type of consumer information.”


Robert J. Kirk will be speaking at the upcoming T3 Technology Conference for financial services firms. His presentation, “AI – Digital Disruption or Digital Disaster?” will take place from 4:55 PM – 5:10 PM PST on Monday Oct 22, 2018 in the main ballroom, Castellana 1.

“Today’s firms are standing on the precipice of new Digital Wealth models that are being driven by artificial intelligence, 3rd party innovation, and technology accelerants that could lead to either tremendous growth, or historical disaster,” said Kirk. “Whether you are pushing the envelope of adopting new technologies, or if you are deliberately taking a wait-and-see approach, our industry is moving ahead and transforming at an exponential rate. The fear of missing the boat is a reality, but so is the fear of doing the wrong thing.”

“This promises to be an insightful session focused on how InterGen is pushing the AI envelope to create new digital wealth experiences while being enabled by industry leading military grade encryption,” added T3 conference organizer, Joel Bruckenstein.


InterGen Data, Inc. (InterGen) was founded by financial professional Robert J. Kirk in 2017. InterGen builds AI-driven technology that helps companies identify when their clients are likely to have an important life event occur – including what that event could be and how much of a financial impact that it could represent. Because people can’t predict and typically avoid planning for bad things that could happen in their future (death, loss of job, divorce, critical illness or physical impairment, etc.), there is a tremendous amount of risk in financial plans today. No matter where the client is on life’s journey — just starting to accumulate wealth and save for the future, a millionaire-next-door, or a retired billionaire – all will inevitably encounter an array of unpleasant and/or sudden life events. InterGen’s technology helps financial advisors identify the major gaps that exist in their current financial plans, better understand the risk each client may encounter, and engage on a new level of personalization that is not there today. InterGen’s technology will help increase new client acquisition rates, attain greater share of wallet with existing clients, and improve overall client engagement. For more information about InterGen Data, visit


Orion Advisor Services, LLC (Orion) is a portfolio accounting service provider for advisors. Orion frees advisors from back-office tedium so they can enjoy their business again by devoting their time and energy to better serving clients. Orion provides the integrated and fully customizable technology solutions that advisors need to build great advisory firms. Orion’s technology solutions empower more than $700 billion in AUA and over 2 million accounts. For more information, visit


cleverDome, Inc.™ (cleverDome) is an Arizona Benefit Corporation (B Corporation) that operates as a Co-Op. Members include managed security service providers, software service vendors, custodians, broker/dealers, registered investment advisers, financial advisors and ultimately their investor clients. As a B Corporation, its mission is to protect confidential consumer information through safe, reliable and fast Internet connections. This revolutionary model is built on a community-driven platform in collaboration with financial services industry thought-leaders. The Dome is powered by NetFoundry ™, a Tata Communications business incubated in Tata Communications’ “Shape the Future” program. Learn more at


Financial industry leader Joel Bruckenstein and his T3 event planning teams are in the final stages of preparing for the sixth annual T3 Technology Conference for financial services firms and large RIAs. This annual gathering is specifically designed for heads of large RIAs, and executives from IBDs, banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, trust companies, and other financial services firms who are interested in learning about the latest and greatest technology-related solutions for their firms and any advisors they correspondingly serve. The event will take place October 22-24, 2018 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel and resort. Learn more at

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