Junxure Announces Deep Integrations with Orion, Constant Contact and MyRepChat

Junxure Announces Deep Integrations with Orion, Constant Contact and MyRepChat

AdvisorEngine announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, CRM Software Inc., known as Junxure, is deploying integrations with Orion Advisor Services, Constant Contact and MyRepChat. These integrations will power advisory firms’ marketing and communication to prospects and clients and create a great user experience through simultaneous access of CRM and portfolio data.

“These integrations with Orion, Constant Contact and MyRepChat are examples of the investments being made to enhance the Junxure CRM and our commitment to open architecture,” said AdvisorEngine Founder and CEO, Rich Cancro. “Additional integrations and user experience enhancements are already under development.”

Junxure’s integration with Orion creates a seamless flow of data between the CRM and Orion’s portfolio accounting and rebalancing tools, eliminating wasted time and potential errors from redundant data entry. Users can take advantage of Orion’s open API architecture to access Orion’s portfolio accounting data without needing to leave the Junxure platform. Contact changes made in Junxure will automatically update contact records in Orion, while data from Orion will automatically update portfolio data in Junxure, giving advisors accurate, instantly-updated client information at a glance.

Through the integration with Constant Contact, advisors are able to export and import contact data to and from Junxure and Constant Contact through a modern API framework. This seamless data integration enables advisors to utilize the data that they have already entered into the Junxure CRM to power their email marketing campaigns.

The new API integration with MyRepChat offers Junxure users the ability to easily sync all of their client and prospect contacts into MyRepChat. Once synced, text messages sent through MyRepChat are then delivered into the Junxure CRM to create a unified communication hub for advisors. An advisor can access their emails, texts and notes for all of their prospects and clients within one user-friendly location. Additionally, the texts received in Junxure can then be transitioned into smart workflows.

Junxure offers advisors a wide variety of integrations to streamline their workflow and improve the experience of the end-client. For more information on Junxure’s integrations, visit: www.junxure.com/integrations.


AdvisorEngine is a financial experience company that provides an end-to-end client relationship management and digital investment platform. Founded in 2014 by a team of experienced financial and technology executives, AdvisorEngine was one of the first companies to integrate smart automation within a digital wealth management platform. With an emphasis on data, design thinking and technology, the firm delivers a unified experience across three core groups – clients, advisors, and business management teams – to address the most common pain points felt by rapidly growing advisory firms. With offices in New York, NY and Raleigh, NC, AdvisorEngine continues to innovate to keep advisors at the forefront of wealth management. For more information, please visit www.advisorengine.com.

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