MARS offers Sales and Marketing Visual Analytics Solution for Asset Managers

SalesFocus Solutions, developer of the MARS product suite for the asset management industry, announced that its new MARS v9 platform is available for general release.

“We are excited about the value that this new major release of MARS will provide to our asset management clients to assist them with increasing sales and retaining assets within their retail and institutional businesses,” said David Halligan, Director of Sales and Account Management at SalesFocus Solutions.

The MARS product suite is designed to accommodate the unique product distribution and reporting needs of the asset management industry and includes features such as: DCIO/Retirement platform analytics to automate and organize DCIO data imports, enhanced sales and marketing features to allow firms to better target key consultants and advisors, a flexible segmentation engine, market share reporting capabilities, and ETF reporting.

“SalesFocus Solutions is continuously improving its products and services to meet the changing needs of the asset management industry,” said Aaron Wong, MARS Product Manager. “This newest version melds the latest advances in visual graphics technology with advanced analytics to provide unique strategic business insights for our asset management clients.”

The MARS Product Suite continues to transform the sales and marketing analytics and reporting landscape for asset managers and gives SalesFocus Solutions’ clients ways to identify new potential business opportunities. MARS provides the ability to quickly obtain information through the visualization of data.  The MARS product design leverages enhanced graphical data visualization techniques to transform sales, asset, contact and activity data into actionable business insights.

SalesFocus Solutions’ Director of Professional Services, Jill Santandreu said, “This new major release of MARS, combined with our superior data cleaning services and our new Unify Rep prospecting service, provides a competitive advantage for our clients who are working to grow their businesses in this highly volatile market environment.”


SalesFocus Solutions MARS, founded in 1999 and based in San Rafael, California, is an all-in-one sales and marketing solution for actionable intelligence. MARS (MarketingAnd Reporting Sales) aggregates data from multiple and diverse sources, and provides data visualization, report writing, and market intelligence capability. The firm has a diverse, global client base of asset management firms. As of October 2018, MARS serves clients with more than $3 trillion in assets under management. For more information, visit

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