Morningstar Unveils New Competitive Intelligence Tool

Morningstar, Inc. a leading provider of independent investment research, has announced the release of Investor Pulse, a business intelligence tool that delivers actionable insights, predictive analytics and advanced competitive analysis to help asset managers meet investor preferences. Investor Pulse displays up-to-date asset flows data at a glance and helps asset management teams predict likely future outcomes on where flows are going and why, uncover new insights, and deliver more value to the end investor. The SWOT analyzer in Investor Pulse can help identify which funds best meet investor needs.

“Asset managers are feeling the effects of fee compression and industry consolidation across the globe. It’s critical for asset managers to have a clear grasp on where they stand in the competitive landscape in order to evolve with investor needs,” said Tricia Rothschild, Morningstar’s chief product officer. “Investor Pulse, which is backed by Morningstar’s independent data and research, provides asset managers with visualizations of flows data, insight into which funds have the highest potential to drive success or failure using predictive models, and the ability to better assess competition through flows.”


Investor Pulse bridges the gap when dedicated internal reporting or business intelligence teams struggle to deliver actionable insights efficiently. Asset managers using Investor Pulse gain a snapshot of how their firm performs against up to nine of their competitors as well as a transparent view into where money sits and where it’s flowing across multiple dimensions. Seamless access to Morningstar’s in-depth research on any fund’s product, performance, risk, fees, portfolio, management teams and tenures can be shared within the firm. Investor Pulse is built using a cloud-based infrastructure, allowing for the most current available data and a single, web-based experience on all devices.

The tool also features a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analyzer that displays all share classes exposed to factors that are predictive of future fund flows, with the ability to narrow in on factors Morningstar has found to influence fund flows. Coming to the product in the third quarter of 2018, predictive models within Investor Pulse will enable users to forecast the flows of a given fund up to one year from the usage date. Additional efforts in this area will be expanded later in 2018 to show what funds have a greater probability of success or failure, and what flows would look like under specific market conditions. More information about Investor Pulse including purchase and trial information is available here.


Morningstar will host a webinar, June 5, 2018 at 10 a.m. CT, on “Investor Pulse: A New Business Intelligence Tool for Asset Managers,” sharing how asset managers can leverage Investor Pulse to understand fund flows and drive actionable insights. Register for the webinar here.


Morningstar also published research today revealing global asset flows trends as of the second-quarter 2018 from Investor Pulse’s soon-to-be-made available predictive models. The research, titled “Quantitative Analytics Quarterly,” will aim to answer one specific question each edition. This first edition is a refresh of the 2015 report, “What Factors Drive Investment Flows?” The report finds that investors generally display consistent preferences over time. Over the past three years, investors’ preference shifted from new funds to more established funds; and that returns are less of a driver of flows than three years ago. To download the report, click here.


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