Myriad Advisor Solutions Unveils Two Powerhouse Initiatives at the 2024 T3 Technology Conference

Myriad Advisor Solutions Unveils Two Powerhouse Initiatives at the 2024 T3 Technology Conference

Myriad Advisor Solutions (Myriad), a long-established, full-service business advisory firm, is celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary by launching two new powerhouse initiatives designed to streamline and protect their clients’ business operations far into the future. Both of these programs will make their debut at the 2024 Technology Tools for Today conference (T3) for financial professionals happening January 22-25, 2024 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas.

“These new initiatives represent a significant leap forward for Myriad in the realm of cybersecurity and strategic business planning,” said Leigh White, Chief Technology Officer at Myriad Advisor Solutions. “With MASDefense and Myriad Ascend Plan, we are empowering our clients to navigate the digital landscape securely while optimizing their business legacies.” 

The first of these two offerings is Myriad’s MASDefense, an all-encompassing cybersecurity solution featuring advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities, computer forensics, pen testing, and the expertise of the Security Operations Center (SOC) team. Designed to provide holistic protection against cyber threats well into the future, the system’s software aligns with the latest SEC guidelines and regulatory rulings released last year. 

“At Myriad, cybersecurity isn’t a discussion, it’s our relentless commitment,” she continuned. “The first of these two offerings is Myriad’s MASDefense. Our cutting-edge solution goes beyond industry standards with advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), computer forensics, pen testing, and the expertise of our Security Operations Center (SOC) team. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on remediation, not just detection. MASDefense doesn’t just keep pace, it leads, aligning seamlessly with the latest SEC guidelines and regulatory rulings. When you choose Myriad, you choose decisive, proactive cybersecurity that redefines protection against evolving threats.”

Key Features of Myriad’s MASDefense include:

  • Advanced threat detection: Harness cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning for the swift neutralization of sophisticated cyber threats.
  • Real-time monitoring with instant alerts: Benefit from real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and insights to promptly address potential security breaches.
  • Customizable security policies: Tailor MASDefense to specific security needs, ensuring a flexible and adaptive defense strategy.
  • User-friendly interface: Seamlessly manage and monitor cybersecurity, catering to both IT professionals and non-experts.

EDR and XDR capabilities: MASDefense’s EDR ensures real-time monitoring and response at the endpoint level, providing threat visibility, behavioral analysis, and automated response mechanisms. XDR extends this defense by correlating data across multiple security layers, offering cross-layer visibility, automated incident response, and reduced mean time to detect and respond.

Computer forensics: The service includes robust computer forensics capabilities, empowering each organization to investigate and analyze cyber incidents thoroughly. Clients can retrieve digital evidence, understand the scope of an attack, and enhance their incident response with forensic insights.

Penetration testing: The platform goes beyond defense by offering penetration testing services, proactively assessing each organization’s security posture, identifying vulnerabilities, and strengthening defenses against potential cyber threats.

Expert SOC team: MASDefense is backed by a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) team. With their expertise, organizations benefit from:

  • 24/7 monitoring: Continuous monitoring to detect and respond to potential threats round the clock
  • Incident response: Swift and effective response to security incidents to minimize impact
  • Threat intelligence: Access to the latest threat intelligence to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats

The second initiative being announced at T3 is the Myriad Ascend Plan (MAP):

This state-of-the-art exit planning platform provides both a target and timeline for any owner of a business, providing them with a clear roadmap of what steps to take in order to ensure a successful transition of leadership dynamic, and to lay the groundwork for the firm’s sustained organizational success for years to come. Features and benefits include:

Holistic exit planning: From financial analysis to legal considerations, MAP takes a comprehensive approach to exit planning.

Personalized strategy: MAP offers a personalized exit strategy tailored to each business’ needs and goals, developing a plan that aligns with each individual leader’s vision.

Expert connections: The service introduces a unique dimension by connecting every client with a custom team of specialized professionals. Whether the need is advice on business valuation, process enhancement, or other aspects, MAP ensures access to the right experts at the right time, including a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) on staff.

Transition planning support: MAP includes support for a smooth transition beyond the sale, ensuring that life after the exit is as fulfilling as the entrepreneurial journey.

Strategic financial optimization: MAP utilizes advanced financial tools to maximize returns allowing each client to evaluate valuation, navigate tax implications, and implement wealth preservation strategies with confidence.

Comprehensive education resources: MAP provides access to a wealth of educational resources, seminars, and workshops, empowering clients with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Technology integration: MAP utilizes state-of-the-art technology to streamline the entire process. From document management to communication tools, the platform ensures efficiency and transparency at every step.


Hosted by Myriad’s own Chief Executive officer, Danielle White (White),  The White Report launched a year ago at T3’s 2023 conference. The podcast provides actionable steps and advice to small business owners at every stage of a company’s launch and growth. Each episode features a different business expert who will discuss with White pertinent topics that touch on executive leadership, business management, human capital, technology, marketing and more.

The team is already booking interviews with interesting people attending T3 for The White Report podcast series. 

To connect with the team on the floor or arrange an interview, text White at 515-850-1225.

To listen and subscribe to The White Report:

“It brings me immense joy to bring our podcast back to T3 again this year as we celebrate our 15th year in the industry. This podcast, like Myriad, was built on the premise of making entrepreneurs as successful as possible – no matter the stage of their business. I am committed to providing enhanced knowledge, tips and tricks for entrepreneurs in an easily digestible format,” said White,  the podcast’s host and Myriad’s CEO. “These interviews are geared to help anyone launching, growing, or exiting their businesses, but the episodes we are producing in conjunction with T3 are especially relevant for independent financial advisors.” 

“Our journey has been marked by innovation, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence,” added White. “As we kick off our 15th year at T3’s 20th-anniversary celebration in Las Vegas, we look forward to continued growth, success, and a future filled with groundbreaking accomplishments. Being part of the T3 community amplifies the excitement of Myriad’s own journey. This convergence of milestones embodies the spirit of innovation and shared success that defines both Myriad and T3.”


Established in 2009, this full-service business advisory and solutions firm has been dedicated to its mission of empowering small business owners to achieve their goals by alleviating the operational demands and challenges which growing businesses invariably face. While its focus has primarily been helping breakaway brokers go independent and independent financial advisors reach new levels of success, Myriad Advisor Solutions (Myriad) also works with other types of privately-held businesses on an individual needs-and-interests basis, providing these developing companies with all-encompassing business solutions, operational guidance, and technical support. The company has assisted in launching over 10,000 successful businesses with more than 3,400 locations established nationwide. As a part of that work, Myriad has configured and managed over 6,000 technology networks. It is the umbrella company for two subsidiary firms: Continuum (which deals with human resources, benefits, payroll, insurance, etc.) and Communications Experts (which specializes in providing services related to the telecommunications industry). CEO Danielle White has been employed by the company since its inception. Leigh White, who served as CEO and President, now works as CTO on product development and remains on the leadership team. To learn more, visit

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