One World 65W USB PD Charging Station

One World 65W USB PD Charging Station

A Single Solution for All Your Travel Needs

By Joel Bruckenstein, CFP

Whether you are a road warrior or a casual traveler, you need to keep all your devices charged when you are on the road. Phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, etc. all need to be charged, and not every airport, hotel, or other rest areas have sufficient outlets to charge multiple devices simultaneously. 

The challenge of keeping all your devices charged is even greater when travelling overseas. Some folks buy an adopter for each outlet type and use only the one they need for a specific trip but keeping track of which adopter is necessary for which country or bringing multiple adapters if you are visiting multiple countries can be a chore. A better solution is to purchase a single world adapter that can be used in most countries. 

The One World 65W PD charging station is such a device. It is compatible with over two hundred counties worldwide. It allows you to plug in most electrical plug types (including the standard US type of course) into the charging station, which in turn can be plugged into an outlet in over two hundred countries. In addition, there are 2 USB A type outlets and three USB C outlets onboard. One of the USB C ports is rated to 65W. The PD designation means that it can charge many laptops, including the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro and many recent laptops from Lenovo, Dell, and other popular providers. Please be aware that when charging a laptop, you must use a compatible USB C cable. Not all USB C cables support the necessary protocols and transfer speeds. Furthermore, if your laptop requires 65W, you cannot charge other devices simultaneously, but when not charging a laptop, you can charge multiple other devices. 

I have been evaluating the One World 65W PD domestically, and so far, it is performing as expected. I will be taking it overseas with me next month to see how it performs internationally, but I expect it to continue to perform well. 

If you are planning any travel over the next few months, or if you are looking for a gift for the holiday season, the One World 65 USB PD Charging Station is a compact gift that should be well received by all. 

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