Oranj Partners with Vestmark to Expand Access to Third-Party Investment Models and Improve Advisor Experience

Vestmark, a leading provider of portfolio management and trading solutions for financial institutions and advisors, announced a partnership with Chicago-based financial technology firm Oranj. Vestmark Advisory Solutions (VAS) will give Oranj advisors access to the more than 500 third-party strategies available today as models in the Vestmark Manager Marketplace (VMM). VAS also will perform the trading and related services required to implement the models selected by Oranj advisors for their clients, which can include both ETF strategist models and traditional equity strategies.

Announced during Joel Bruckenstein’s T3 Enterprise Conference this morning, this partnership makes it possible for Oranj to expand the investment options available to advisors to serve their clients’ needs. It also will enable advisors to allocate their clients’ assets to one or multiple third-party strategies in a single account, with a process as simple as setting up one dual-contract SMA.

“We recently broadened our service to include not only model delivery but also implementation of those models by our team of traders using Vestmark technology,” said David Littleton, Managing Director of Vestmark Advisory Solutions. “This combination of third-party strategies plus implementation is a natural complement to the excellent front-end toolset that Oranj provides to its advisors.”

Oranj is the first open-access, end-to-end wealth management software providing financial advisors with direct access to a powerful solution that can help reduce product and technology fees. Oranj helps advisors adopt new technology without increasing their cost of doing business, and in some cases, making investing less expensive for investors.


“Our partnership with Vestmark will enable advisors to efficiently tap the expertise of hundreds of managers. This fully implemented solution will give advisors more ways to further their clients’ investment objectives, and free up time to focus on value-added activities like financial planning and behavioral coaching,” said David Lyon, Founder and CEO of Oranj. “We’re excited to partner with Vestmark in offering this service to our clients.”

Advisors can sign up to use Oranj today – at no cost – and complete the guided onboarding process, so they can begin utilizing the expanded set of Vestmark strategies as soon as they become available in the fourth quarter of 2018.


Oranj is focused on creating the world’s best digital experience for enabling financial advisers to help clients effectively manage their financial lives and personal goals, and empowering investors to make smart financial decisions, connect with financial professionals, and pursue better investing outcomes. To achieve this, Oranj builds software for servicing, collaborating, managing, and connecting, which utilizes user-friendly applications for a fully interactive human-driven, technology-assisted experience. The Oranj platform offers a secure document vault, client collaboration tools, aggregated data from more than 15,000 institutions, online account opening/transfer capabilities, real-time activity notifications, extensive data analytics, and an archive of adviser/client communication going back to the prospect stage. Oranj also offers access to institutional-grade trading and rebalancing solutions from TradeWarrior Software, Inc., in which Oranj acquired a majority stake in April 2017.

For more information about Oranj, visit www.RunOranj.com.


Vestmark is a leading provider of portfolio management and trading solutions for financial institutions and advisors, headquartered outside of Boston, MA. Founded in 2001, Vestmark’s mission is to enable investors to better their financial well-being. Vestmark enables financial institutions and advisors to efficiently manage and trade investor portfolios through an innovative SaaS platform. With over $850 billion in assets and 2.5 million accounts, Vestmark is a trusted partner to some of the largest and most respected players across the wealth management industry. The Vestmark Manager Marketplace® is a service provided by Vestmark Advisory Solutions, Inc., a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Vestmark.

For more information about Vestmark’s solutions, visit www.vestmark.com.

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