Orion Advisor Solutions Completes HiddenLevers Acquisition, Announces Preferred Pricing & Integration Timeline

Orion Advisor Solutions Completes HiddenLevers Acquisition, Announces Preferred Pricing & Integration Timeline

Orion Advisor Solutions  has announced the completion of its acquisition of HiddenLevers, laying out an ambitious 12-month roadmap charting the integration of HiddenLevers’ enhancements to Orion’s wealthtech platform. The addition of workflows for risk analysis, investment process, and executive oversight is intended to cement Orion’s status as the premier provider of the tech-enabled fiduciary framework. The new functionality furthers Orion’s mission to empower financial advisors to Prospect, Plan, Invest, and Achieve within a single, connected experience.

The acquisition, first announced in March, brings HiddenLevers’ portfolio stress-testing, industry-leading investment proposals, and model construction workflows to Orion’s core technology platform. Financial advisors can now use HiddenLevers’ applications to win new business with a differentiated approach to macro uncertainties and the ability to generate proposals tailored to client-specific needs.

“By bringing HiddenLevers into Orion’s offering, we have made a huge leap forward in our power to help advisors tell stories that truly clarify risk, help manifest good investor behavior, and improve the client experience,” said Eric Clarke, Founder and CEO of Orion. “The next frontier of our industry is to close the behavior gap between investment returns and investor performance. HiddenLevers’ stress testing capabilities cut to the heart of investors’ concerns, present macro risks and opportunities to clients in innovative ways and deliver engaging visuals for clients to easily understand.”

Integration Timeline
Led by Founders Raj Udeshi and Praveen Ghanta, the HiddenLevers’ team is wasting no time enhancing the Orion advisor-client journey.

  • Q2 2021: Integration of HiddenLevers’ portfolio analysis modules into Orion’s proposal and account opening workflows. 
  • Q3 2021: Integration of HiddenLevers’ Model Blender and automated portfolio insights into Communities, Orion’s open-source model marketplace, including on-the-fly analytics for recommendation construction. 
  • Q4 2021: Integration of HiddenLevers’ risk and return analytics into Eclipse, Orion’s premier trading and rebalancing solution.
  • Q2 2022: Integration of HiddenLevers’ drift monitoring and business intelligence screens and alerts into Trends, Orion’s compliance and BI framework, aimed at the emerging needs of RIAs in high-growth mode.  

“The Orion team was quick to the beat on shaping an integration plan and action steps to make this deal happen,” said Praveen Ghanta, Founder of HiddenLevers. “We are used to moving fast and it’s excellent to have that reflected in Orion. Advisors are expecting big things from this pairing, and we will not disappoint.”

Preferred Pricing
With the acquisition complete, Orion and HiddenLevers clients will receive beneficial pricing. Orion will automatically upgrade current Basic and Pro users to an exclusive Orion preferred Elite subscription, combining the institutional risk analytics with a more client-friendly user experience. The Orion preferred subscription features live stress testing with HiddenLevers’ scenarios, recommendation construction, proposal generation, and a custom alternatives builder. Monthly pricing on Elite is now $200 for 1-5 users, $175 for 6-10 users, and $150 for 10+ users. Current HiddenLevers clients who switch to Orion’s platform will receive six months free and discounted pricing.

Orion will host a webinar on Thursday, April 15, 2021, at 11 AM ET, with a demo of HiddenLevers’ Advisor Platform and a Q&A session with Eric Clarke and Raj Udeshi. Click here to register for the webinar. To learn more about the acquisition or to schedule a demo, visit orion.com/hiddenlevers.

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