Orion’s New User Interface Reimagines Advisor Experience, Surfaces Actionable Workflows

Orion’s New User Interface Reimagines Advisor Experience, Surfaces Actionable Workflows

The start of an advisor’s day lays the groundwork for their success. That’s why Orion Advisor Tech (“Orion”), a premier provider of financial advisor technology, today announces the new Orion Connect experience, a reimagined, next-generation user interface, at the 2020 T3 Advisor Conference. The new experience blends Orion’s core app-centric model for grouping essential capabilities with a flexible dashboard-based layout that enables users to take quick action and easily move throughout the platform.

Drawing from meticulous analysis of user behavior and feedback from a focused group of superusers across a range of roles and business models, Orion created the new home experience to highlight, centralize, and operationalize information crucial to an advisor’s day-to-day responsibilities, like client portfolio data, RMD reports, new account workflows, and more. Additionally, with the ability to personalize home screen views through a custom card library — a collection of widgets displaying different business data — advisors can start each day armed with the data they need most, at a glance.

“No two advisors are the same, which is why we’re building a user interface that positions every advisor for success no matter how they use our platform,” said Dylan Mahler, UI/UX design manager at Orion. “Whether your time is dedicated to the operational responsibilities that make an advisory firm tick, or reviewing client data before an important meeting, the new interface allows our users, and their data, to move more fluidly through the platform.”

Providing Flexibility and Control

A core goal of the new interface was to provide users with more flexibility and options for personalization. To support this, advisors will be able to build their own home-screen experience by selecting from dozens of data cards to surface the information most relevant to their jobs, such as account summaries, a list of frequently used reports and queries, portfolios out-of-tolerance, reconciliation status, and other insights. Each card offers a one-click direct path to additional information across the platform, so advisors no longer need to remember where the data lives. 

Several cards also empower advisors to complete common tasks without leaving the home dashboard. Creating a query and opening a new account directly — without the need to depart to another part of the platform — creates faster workflows that help advisors do more work for their clients in less time.

Deliver Critical Insights at a Glance

Another driving redesign mandate was to enable users to more easily manage client data and related tasks. In the new Orion home-screen experience, a simple client search leads to an intuitively designed portfolio tree, a collection of key client insights that connect related household details, such as account summaries, goals, allocation aspects, performance and more, to help advisors make more informed decisions. Once opened, the portfolio tree creates more seamless workflows for engagement, including the ability to contextually sign into that client’s account through the Orion Client Portal and run commonly used reports.

Administrators and executives can also use the Orion home experience to gauge the performance of advisors. The home dashboard can be filtered by advisor, unlocking easy metrics for analysis of the health of each advisor’s business and other valuable insights.

“When we designed the next iteration of Orion Connect, we set out to make it even easier for our advisors to use our platform to its full potential,” said Eric Clarke, founder and CEO of Orion. “From the moment an advisor sits down and logs in, they have all of the tools and client insights they need to win the day. We’re excited to see how advisors use our new user interface to help their businesses innovate and grow.”


Orion Advisor Technology, LLC, exists to help fiduciary-minded advisors realize their unique vision for success. Our innovative technology includes client experience tools, tax-intelligent rebalancing, efficient billing, integrated planning, and automated compliance monitoring, all aimed at empowering advisors to improve their firm’s productivity, strengthen client relationships, and disrupt traditional ways of thinking. With more than $1 trillion in AUA and 3.8 million accounts on our platform, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help advisors grow and win more than their fair share. Orion Advisor Technology, LLC and Advizr, Inc. are affiliated companies through their parent company, Orion Advisor Solutions, LLC. For more information, visit https://www.orion.com.

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