OS33 Enters Into Cybersecurity Partnership with Financial Services Institute (FSI)

Workplace by OS33 has joined alongside Pershing, Fidelity and Broadridge as an Ambassador Sponsor of FSI. In addition, Workplace by OS33 has agreed to be an active participant on FSI’s Cybersecurity Task Force.

OS33, a 17-year veteran powering cybersecurity and compliance solutions for hundreds of financial firms, is a SaaS platform that offers turnkey cybersecurity and compliance solutions for Broker Dealers and Insurance Companies that leverage independent advisors.

FINRA and SEC have provided specific guidance and enforcement actions around the protection of client data, endpoint device compliance, and home office exposure to the IT assets of their independent reps. FSI chose Workplace by OS33 as an Ambassador Sponsor because of their expertise in deploying software solutions designed to meet regulatory requirements.

FSI has heard from member firms that fiscal budgeting may be an obstacle towards addressing today’s regulatory guidance. Due to the critical need for FSI member firms to implement endpoint device compliance for their independent reps, FSI has arranged with OS33 to deliver and implement its endpoint device compliance software, Frontline, to qualifying FSI member firms without charge, nor obligation for the remainder of 2019.

For information on enrolling in this FSI Member Benefit, please email FSIAmbassador@os33.com.

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