Panoramix Ranked Number 1 in Customer Satisfaction Five Years In a Row

Panoramix Ranked Number 1 in Customer Satisfaction Five Years In a Row

Innovative Financial Management Platform consistently ranked the highest in customer satisfaction in the prestigious T3/Inside Information Advisor Technology Survey

Panoramix, an innovative advisor technology platform focused on financial advisor performance reporting and client billing, took first place in overall customer satisfaction in the annual T3/Inside Information survey for the fifth time in row. The survey results, released Monday by Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Verres at the annual T3 conference, showed that Panoramix not only took top honors in the Portfolio Management/Reporting Tools category, it increased its market share at the same time.

“It’s nearly unheard of for a company to increase its market share and maintain the top spot in the survey,” said Jim Schwieters, Director of Sales. “We couldn’t be happier about these results. We have a very dedicated team, and their hard work shows in these results.”

Panoramix earned the highest ranking in the entire survey with a 9.5 (out of 10) score in 2022 and this year bested its category with a 9.15. Simultaneously, Panoramix grew its market share by 120% from the prior year, enough to earn special recognition as a “Mighty Mite,” reserved for smaller firms with “solutions that fit … exacting criteria, [and] which should be on any software buyer’s radar.” Bruckenstein and Veres state emphatically that “Any rating of 7.0 or above represents a high degree of user satisfaction, and any figure above 8.0 should be considered remarkable.”

“We’ve consistently been the best value in the industry by providing an unwavering focus on our clients while at the same time providing a highly competitive price point,” said Chris Hastings, CEO of Panoramix. “We’re extremely pleased about this validation that we really mean what we say when we talk about making customers happy.”

Early each year Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Verres conduct the Insider Information Survey to find the best-of-the-best in terms of technology providers to the financial services industry. They gather data for a few months, then analyze it and compile the results into a report published as part of the Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference.

The T3 conference is a perennial Top Advisor Conference on the Michal Kitces Nerd’s Eye View list, and the unveiling of the T3/Insider Information Survey results event is always the best-attended session of the entire conference, as it draws in both attendees and vendors from the exhibit hall anxious to see how they did. Stepping away from the Panoramix booth
for half an hour before the opening night reception was “certainly worth the effort,” said Hastings. “We face some unbelievably stiff competition in a crowded category, and it is a gratifying to do this well this consistently.

Panoramix celebrates its tenth year as a T3 vendor attendee this year. “Joel said he wanted to put on the best T3 ever, and—at least for us—it’s certainly starting out that way,” said Hastings. “We’re looking forward to the next few days here.”

About Panoramix
Sapphire Software Services inc., a custom software and business-to-business automation company founded in 2003, developed Panoramix® for financial advisors in 2013 and completes 16 planned releases per year to the product. Sapphire brings business applications to the web, provides consulting services with the best vendors, partnerships, and offers professional development capabilities to automate business processes. Sapphire specializes in business application software development for companies in the financial services sector. Panoramix, its award-winning flagship software platform for financial advisors, focuses on providing multi-custodial performance reporting and client billing, with a wide-ranging additional feature set. Sapphire markets under the name Panoramix Financial. For more information on Panoramix connect with us at

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