Redtail Technology Adds Artificial Intelligence to Advisor CRM

Redtail, a leading provider of client relationship management (CRM) solutions for financial services firms, announced the rollout of advanced artificial intelligence capabilities that will enable advisory firms of all sizes to access valuable data and trends about current and prospective clients directly within the CRM.

Redtail’s machine-learning features will make natural language processing accessible and affordable for the advisory community. Using the concept of “transfer learning,” Redtail can utilize smaller amounts of data to begin the learning process. The system then analyzes emails, notes and text messages to predict and estimate client needs, create better outcomes, and discover important connections that enable all parties to make better financial decisions. The Redtail platform analyzes:

  • Sentiment, which identifies and categorizes opinions expressed in text, allowing advisors to quickly mitigate issues that arise
  • Key phrases, classifying important pieces of conversations into relevant categories for easy evaluating
  • Entities, which pinpoint new topics, brands, products, or goals that are gaining or losing traction with clients

“Given the volume of data typically required for a machine to start learning, this level of artificial intelligence has only been available at large institutions – until now,” said Redtail CEO Brian McLaughlin. “What’s most exciting about this rollout is that Redtail has democratized access to AI to create a more intentional, informative process by which advisors at any firm can interact with their clients.”


Advisors who use Redtail can integrate machine-learning capabilities into their workflows by automating actions within their CRM. They have the option to internally send emails or text messages with links to client sentiment data, which in turn decreases the response time to address client concerns. The data can also be used to influence recommendations or make product suggestions, all in a compliant manner.

“Every day, more than 200 billion business emails are sent worldwide,” continued McLaughlin. “Think about the endless possibilities that exist in our industry to extract information that gets to the heart of who clients are, and what they want. This data is the lifeblood of any successful financial services practice – and advisors unable to take advantage of it are not only missing an opportunity to better understand their clients, they’re falling behind the rest of the pack.”

The rollout of Redtail’s artificial intelligence features comes one year after launching Speak – a compliance-approved, real-time communication platform for financial advisors, which enables safe and secure client communication via text messaging.


Founded in 2003, Redtail Technology is a provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM), compliant text messaging solutions (Redtail Speak), paperless office, and email archiving solutions in the financial services industry. The company is dedicated to helping advisors efficiently grow their firms by providing them with the core technologies that drive their day-to-day operations, offering low cost and easy to implement applications and integrating with many of the industry’s most widely used applications. For more information, visit

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