RIA in a Box Launches Open API for MyRIACompliance® at T3 Advisor Conference

RIA in a Box Launches Open API for MyRIACompliance® at T3 Advisor Conference

RIA in a Box, a leading provider of compliance, operations and registration software and services solutions, today announced the release of an open API for its MyRIACompliance® tool. The development was announced at Technology Tools for Today (T3) Advisor Conference in San Diego.

RIA in a Box’s open API will allow for technology providers and RIA firms to connect into the MyRIACompliance platform to ensure that compliance requirements are addressed quickly. One use-case includes integrating third-party data sources from portfolio management systems with the MyRIACompliance software to allow firms to seamlessly track registrations and notice filings in real-time. RIA in a Box already integrates with several portfolio management systems and the addition of the open API will allow other vendors to plug into the system which helps firms to ensure consistent and accurate registration and Form ADV filings.

The other use-case for the new open API allows for integrations with additional CRM solution providers to view and complete tailored regulatory compliance tasks all within the CRM’s task and calendar system. This type of integration allows for increased engagement with clients, streamlined operations, and automated completion of regulatory compliance requirements. It also removes the need for an RIA firm to manage multiple calendars or log into multiple software systems and automatically stores all compliance activities completed within the CRM in the firm’s MyRIACompliance digital compliance log.

Additionally, through the open API architecture that is now available, it is possible for RIA in a Box to add new use cases for the API as technology providers and RIA firms seek various ways to connect directly into MyRIACompliance, either by accessing their data to display into other dashboards,  or by pushing relevant data from other technology systems into MyRIACompliance.

“It was important for us to develop the open API for MyRIACompliance because we understand that we are a critical comnpliance technology and data hub for thousands of firms around the country,” said GJ King, president at RIA in a Box.“By unveiling this API, we invite other leading technology providers in the industry and even RIA firms themselves to push data into our system to save compliance officers time and create deeper integrations within the tech stack.”

While RIA in a Box already integrates with numerous leading industry vendors, the new open API will allow additional technology providers and even tech-savvy RIA firms to plug directly into the innovative compliance software. The API platform is now live and available to all current MyRIACompliance clients. If you’re interested in learning more about the platform or RIA in a Box, please visit RIA in a Box’s website or stop by booth 522 at the T3 Advisor Conference.


RIA in a Box is a leading provider of compliance software to the wealth management industry. Launched in 2005, RIA in a Box is led by Will Bressman and GJ King who transformed the business into the market leading SaaS-based compliance solution focused on the RIA industry. Over 1,800 RIAs of varying size use the platform to increase compliance workflow efficiency and to automate regulatory requirements. For more information about RIA in a Box, please visit: www.riainabox.com.

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