Schwab Delivers Enhanced Direct Indexing Capabilities to RIAs

Schwab Delivers Enhanced Direct Indexing Capabilities to RIAs

Schwab adds a digitized experience to Schwab Personalized Indexing™ for advisors and new ways to personalize client portfolios

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) clients of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. now have access to a new digital experience and customization enhancements for Schwab Personalized Indexing™, Schwab’s direct indexing solution that provides tax-loss harvesting and professional portfolio management.

RIAs can now onboard clients with individual, joint tenant and many other account types more easily by digitally opening and funding new Schwab Personalized Indexing accounts on the Managed Account Access® (Access) platform, as well as other separately managed account offers on the Managed Account Select® (Select) and Managed Account Access® (Access) platforms. Digital enrollment means fewer errors, faster processing and a more streamlined workflow experience for RIAs and their clients.

A new Schwab Personalized Indexing account-level digital dashboard is available to RIAs to view client accounts. The dashboard offers transparency and highlights the performance of each Schwab Personalized Indexing account, including total realized gains and losses generated in accounts driven by proprietary tax-loss harvesting algorithms.

In addition, RIAs can now exclude more individual stocks as well as entire industries and sub-industries in Schwab Personalized Indexing client accounts. The maximum number of exclusions are guided by a predictive tracking error tool that provides an indication of how a portfolio is expected to perform relative to its reference index after accounting for the exclusions and still delivering on the potential benefit of tax losses to reduce overall tax bill.

“We know that independent advisors are increasingly looking for ways to personalize the investing experience for their clients,” said Divya Krishnan, Director, Schwab Product Management. “We are excited to bring advisors a more efficient, modern experience for enrolling their clients in Schwab Personalized Indexing, alongside powerful new capabilities for tailoring portfolios to personal client preferences or situations.”

Schwab Personalized Indexing, which launched more than a year ago in April 2022, uses a combination of technology and human oversight. The technology leverages a proprietary daily optimization process that assesses opportunities to lock-in tax losses that is managed and overseen by a team of investment professionals that brings more than two decades of cumulative direct indexing experience.

“At Schwab, we are constantly looking for ways to provide independent advisors with more investment choices for their clients and for opportunities to help them deliver personalization at scale with maximum ease,” said Jalina Kerr, Managing Director of Client Experience at Schwab Advisor Experiences. “Advisors have asked for direct indexing and we have delivered on that – and importantly, we will continue to enhance Schwab Personalized Indexing based on the evolving needs of RIAs and their clients.”

Schwab Personalized Indexing has an account minimum of $100,000 — lower than most direct indexing offerings on the market which typically start at $250,000 or higher — yet at an account size that still provides the potential for tax benefits to the client.

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