StockOpter Redesigned to Simplify Equity Compensation Planning

StockOpter Redesigned to Simplify Equity Compensation Planning, an industry leading application for equity compensation valuation and risk analysis has been completely redesigned and enhanced. This new version of StockOpter is now available making it easier for advisors to analyze client company stock and option holdings and provide professional guidance.

Initially released in 2008, from Net Worth Strategies, Inc. enables financial advisors to attract clients that receive equity compensation and help them make timely and informed diversification decisions. Unlike general financial planning applications designed specifically for retirement planning, StockOpter proactively shows clients when and why they should diversify their employer stock and options. Consequently, StockOpter users report on average they generate over $500,000 in assets under management per client and/or can charge fees of $1,000 – $5,000 annually for equity compensation assistance.

StockOpter calculates equity compensation values and illustrates the risks. StockOpter’s analytics include equity compensation forfeit value, leverage, exercise ratios, concentration and goal attainment which are explained in this video and infographic. These analytics plus a variety of intrinsic and after-tax values are included in brandable client reports and in interactive dashboards for modeling what-ifs. Additionally, StockOpter helps determine stock price targets based on risk and sends email alerts for these and for upcoming vesting / expiration events.

The new features in include:

  • A simplified user interface that works on any device/browser
  • On demand historical stock price charts 
  • A quantified list of client diversification opportunities updated daily
  • Valuing individual owned share lots acquired from different sources
  • Tracking and modeling exercise/sell transactions
  • An enhanced client portal for controlling access
  • Calculating both Black Scholes and Baroni Adesi option values in the Dashboards

Visit the demo to review a sample client case or contact Bill Dillhoefer for more information about using to attract and assist equity compensation recipients.

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