T3 and ActiFi Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

T3 and ActiFi Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

Best-in-class technology evaluation and utilization platform to be offered by two leading names in the financial services industry

Technology Tools for Today (T3) and ActiFi, two leading names in the financial services industry, have joined forces to provide financial institutions and their advisors with a powerful digital technology evaluation and utilization platform. This platform, the first of its kind, offers interactive and comprehensive digital selection processes for technology vendors, along with expert guidance to effectively utilize vendor solutions.

In the past, advisors looking to select and implement technology solutions would spend upwards of $15,000 for a technology selection process with a skilled consultant. The T3/ActiFi Digital Dashboard provides a cost-effective solution, enabling advisors to evaluate and select the most appropriate technology providers and more importantly optimize the use of their existing technology assets.

The partnership between T3 and ActiFi leverages their combined 50 years of consulting in technology selection and utilization and aims to address issues many advisors and institutions have in driving the utilization of their existing technology, as well as filling the gaps in their existing technology stack.


The T3/ActiFi Digital Dashboard will bring powerful insights and expert guidance to advisors who are looking to select and optimize their technology platform. The dashboard will be available later this year, and initial coverage will include the leading vendors in the space, with expansion to a broader set to follow over time.

“We are excited to partner with ActiFi to offer financial advisors access to a comprehensive digital selection and utilization process that’s affordable for the average advisor,” said Joel Bruckenstein, co-founder and president of T3. Our combined technology expertise coupled with ActiFi’s SuccessPro platform will enable financial institutions and their advisors to unlock more value from their technology.”

Spenser Segal, CEO of ActiFi, added, “We are delighted to collaborate with T3 and provide an affordable approach to help advisors with technology selection and more effective utilization.”

The T3 and ActiFi partnership is a significant step forward for the wealth management industry, providing financial institutions and advisors with a powerful solution to optimize their technology choices.


T3 and ActiFi will also provide customized, white-labeled experiences for internal technology consulting groups within larger financial institutions tailored to the specific vendors and integrations and supported.

Interested parties are invited to inquire directly via email: Spenser@ActiFi.com and/or Joel@JoelBruckenstein.com.

Journalists attending the T3 Technology Conference in Tampa this week are invited to schedule an interview with Bruckenstein and/or Segal. Impact Communications, the PR Agency of Record, is happy to assist: MarieSwift@ImpactCommunications.org / 913-961-4030.


The industry leader in driving higher organic growth, higher retention, and greater platform adoption within the financial services industry, ActiFi™ is a software and solutions company that creates scalable business execution programs for the financial services industry. By implementing its proven people, process, and technology solutions based on research, best practices, and industry benchmarks, ActiFi clients run more effective and profitable businesses. To learn more, visit www.ActiFi.com.

Today’s successful financial advisory firms have a big challenge: serving their clients well while keeping up-to-date with the newest and best technology and practice management tools. Joel Bruckenstein co-founded in 2006 with now-retired partner David Drucker what has become known as T3 (Technology Tools for Today) to help solve this problem. Through his writing, speaking, and conferences, Bruckenstein works tirelessly to improve help advisors leverage technology. He works with firms of all sizes, including major broker/dealers, insurance companies, software developers, boutique RIA firms and solo practitioners. For more information, visit www.JoelBruckenstein.com, www.T3TechnologyHub.com and/or www.T3Conferences.com.

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